The State of Offshoring in Australia 2017

Access first-hand professional insights, analysis and recommendations about the first-ever state of offshoring in Australia.

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Real insights about Offshoring in Australia

This in-depth report provides analysis and commentary on the current use and perceptions of offshoring in Australia. A survey was conducted with medium, large and listed businesses across different industries to determine if they have used offshore labour before and if they considered it a viable business strategy.

Interpreting various perceptions about Offshoring

The purpose of our survey was to investigate the experiences and attitudes of local businesses towards offshoring. As a business strategy, offshoring can deliver many benefits that keep businesses competitive globally at a lowered cost. However, it still suffers perception issues associated with its acceptance as a business strategy and the quality of work produced.

This industry-first report aims to answer questions about the perceptions held by medium and large businesses: Do businesses view offshoring as a positive strategy that can deliver growth and benefits to the economy, or is it viewed negatively? Does it impact on local employment opportunity and ultimately, does it have a detrimental impact on the economy? Does the quality of work delivered through offshoring increase or decrease when compared locally?

What do you think about Offshoring?

Whether you have tried offshoring before or not, we would like to invite you to participate in the following year’s survey for the state of offshoring in Australia (2018). The information you provide will help us improve our research and provide a more concrete analysis on the viability of offshoring as a business strategy.

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