Hit the ground running

We have the infrastructure and we’re not afraid to use it!

Metro-Manila has been home to offshoring and outsourcing for nearly 30 years and, as a result, is a mature market with high-quality infrastructure. It has also been recognised in many leading reports as one of the leading offshoring destinations in the world.

In Tholon’s’ 2014 review of the top 100 outsourcing destinations Metro-Manila was rated number two, behind only Bangalore in India. Major cities with adequate, stable infrastructure and a well-educated labour pool remained the best performers among those surveyed in this report with regional areas not performing as well.


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Offshoring in Metro-Manila:

  • Multiple ISPs with high speed internet.
  • A grade commercial buildings with full backup systems.
  • An offshoring ready, university educated labour pool of more than four million.
  • Excellent international hotels and restaurants.
  • Multiple staff transport options.
  • Reliable power, water and other amenities.
  • Flood free working areas.

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