Why You Should Outsource Offshore Live Chat Support Agents

23 Jan 2024

Your business needs to be where the customers are – and these days, it’s online. When a potential customer discovers your services or product, accessibility and promptness are the sure-fire ways to turn impressions into purchases. To skip the wait-and-wonder game, businesses have turned to an outsource offshore live chat support team. It’s the convenient bridge between you and a good rapport with your customers. 

The digital space is an ever-changing presence. Innovation in tech improves and broadens with every new generation. It might be overwhelming, but it’s necessary to stay updated with innovations to offer new ways to connect with your customers. 

The Four Customer Benefits of Live Chat Support

Telephones and emails remain as customer staples, and live chat isn’t vying for the crown – only expanding your reach. So, why do customers flock to the real-time channel of live chat support? Let’s dive into it.

1. Live Chat Support is Prompt

In the age of instant gratification, speed is king. Customers won’t tolerate friction during the buying process or sluggish response times to inquiries. According to Jay Baer’s study on customer patience, 52% are willing to pay more for the convenience of prompt service, highlighting the critical role of responsiveness in driving conversions.

2. It’s Comfortable and Conversational

Upbeat and positive is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Customer support thrives on adapting its tone to each channel, and the conversational nature of Live Chat shines as its secret weapon.

The conversational spark from human Chat Support mimics natural interactions with casual and familiar language. However, AI (chatbots, specifically) is hard to dismiss with consistent innovation in the field. It’s important to know what you and your business needs. With that said, discussion often thrives when the focus is redirected on how both sides can collaborate to deliver exceptional customer service.

3. Customers Can Access Live Chat Support Anywhere

Bypassing email replies and hold times, live chat grants customers instant access to support agents directly from any device, whether they’re browsing at home or on the go. 

Live Chat can be used by your customers anywhere and anytime. 

Additionally, a convenient transcript log allows customers to easily revisit or share key information.

4. A Generational Preference

Australian research reveals a striking shift in communication preferences among Gen Z customers. Phone calls rank low, often cited as a source of discomfort, prompting a significant preference for alternative channels like texting or chatting.

It’s not a blanket statement – some Gen Z-ers find comfort in phone calls. However, asynchronous communication through texts and messaging holds undeniable appeal for a significant majority.

A Lot of Things Can Cause Friction

All of this being said, a lot can cause a business to opt out of Live Chat Support. Despite its customer appeal, execution for growing businesses may be difficult. According to a 2023 Kustomer report on live chat difficulties, trouble in implementation depends on the business size:

  • Large-scale businesses. The difficulty is knowing where to start. They also find the lack of customisation in most Live Chat centres to be a hurdle. 
  • Medium-sized businesses. Much like large-scale businesses, they find the beginning process to be difficult. However, another significant bump in their Live-Chat journey is the lack of budget. 
  • Small businesses. Lastly, small businesses find staffing constraints to be the largest problem, followed by the lack of knowledge on the initial steps.

Luckily, there are experts that can guide you and your business through this new strategy. Let’s see how outsource and offshore providers like Diversify can collaborate with you in your Live Chat Support needs.

How Can an Outsource Offshore Team Help?

The evolving nature of the digital world demands innovation and a rethinking of customer experience. It never hurts to seek out help in strategizing your approach to customer support. Let’s delineate the benefits of an offshore team together: 

Cost-Effective Infrastructure

While live chat support offers undeniable appeal, an in-house team can require quite an infrastructural investment. 

Offshore providers like Diversify offer a compelling alternative through a dedicated IT team. We take care of setting up and maintaining the entire infrastructure required for seamless 24/7 offshore live chat operations. This frees up your resources, allowing you to better allocate for core functions.

Around-The-Clock Support

Speaking of 24/7 operational excellence, an offshore team extends your service availability beyond traditional business hours. This strategic advantage translates to increased customer satisfaction, improved conversion rates, and a competitive global edge.

A Specialised Live Chat Support Team

 Forget cookie-cutter solutions. Through an offshore strategy, you gain a dedicated team brimming with specialised knowledge in your niche. 

Diversify is your partner to guide you in your Live Chat Support journey.

This strategic partnership ensures agents are true masters of your niche, adept at navigating even the most challenging customer interactions with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. 

Outsource Offshore Strategy is Collaboration

There are always new and shiny things in the realm of customer experience, live chat is fairly new in the game. Through partnering with an offshore provider, you have a collaborative partner who is here to keep you afloat as the world of customer experience changes.

Ultimately, an outsource offshore Live Chat Support team is all about resource allocation. This ensures that your customers and clients receive the support they need. After all, it never hurts to gain insights and collaborate with experts to help your business thrive.

The Evolving Nature of Customer Experience

As with any aspect of business, things evolve – live chat support is one of the newest evolutions. While your customers deserve the best, it may be overwhelming to keep up with the latest in customer experience. But, with a little help, it doesn’t have to be.

As your offshore provider, Diversify is here to ensure that you’re well-equipped to give your customers the experience they deserve. We’re not just an organisation to hire, but partners in accomplishing your specific goals – from Live Chat Support and beyond. So, contact Diversify today, and let’s talk customer support.