Why “paperless office spaces” are the way of the future

The concept of a paperless office has been floating around for a while now. However, it has usually been met with scepticism and roadblocks by businesses who question the cost and degree of difficulty in implementing a truly paperless office. The paperless office concept does not necessarily mean removing all forms of paper from your businesses daily work processes, it is more about better document management and making it easier to store, search and retrieve data, as well as freeing up space and reducing print overheads! On the corporate social responsibility side of things, a paperless office also reflects an organisations commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. The rapid development of cloud based storage, data imaging, email and other document management technology makes it easier for modern workplaces to better manage their organisations document management processes. The above benefits are a few of the more obvious ones in implementing a paperless office, there are many more. However, some of the bigger advantages should not only be considered but put into practice by any company in order to keep up with ever changing trends in the future.

Ease of Information Searching

At its core, a paperless office means utilising the cloud for creating, sorting and sharing content within your workplace and with clients. Managing, tracking and accessing data becomes far easier when it is stored digitally. Each individual file can be stored in a database and is marked with Meta data ensuring easy access for employees and clients alike. This method of storing documents also reduces the risk of important documents being lost.

Access from anywhere

As well as reducing fixed costs, reducing the amount of space required for storage and ease of locating important documents, a paperless office also empowers employees and clients to work and interact more effectively. Massive developments in cloud base technology, security protocols and cost effective storage solutions have allowed employees and clients alike to access key documents and information online, wherever they are based! A range of cost effective out of the box storage solutions make it extremely easy to execute a paperless office solutions that will improve internal business efficiency as well as the way in which a business can interact with clients.

Easy Storage

Employment contracts, invoices, precedents, emails, policies and procedures and files notes are some examples of documents that can still require a physical copy of the document to be maintained. However, by creating and storing a digital version of such key documents you ensure that you can access them anytime as well as providing a secondary back-up in the event of a serious event such as a natural disaster or fire.


We’ve previously discussed the importance of having strong security for your company. In order to prevent important documents from finding their way into the wrong hands, misplaced or even stolen, implementing a cloud storage solution requires the user to have secure credentials. This means that certain documents, depending on their security levels can only be accessed by users with the required clearance level.

We have successfully implemented a paperless approach to doing business. Our Philippines and Brisbane based offices operated in an entirely integrated fashion, all key documents, communications, engagement and collaboration with clients is conducted with efficiency in mind.

Executing a successful offshore staffing solutions requires an innovative approach to document management. The team at Diversify can assist your organisation in implementing a highly efficient, cost effective and accessible offshore team. In addition to increasing your business capacity, capability and efficiency in working but you will enable your locally based team to work smarter!

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