The Importance of An Offshore Digital Marketing Team

23 Aug 2021

Digital marketing always prided itself with having a global reach. As a remote workforce, a digital marketing team works behind the scenes to help their respective industries stay afloat. In a way, this shouldn’t be surprising. Digital marketing is often about keeping up with the latest trends and how they adapt to it. Even amidst a global pandemic, it found ways to help companies stay afloat and thrive. As a result, we’ve begun to see more industries rethink their digital marketing approach that fits the current situation. With the global economy opening up slowly but surely, the need for a proper digital marketing team once again becomes important.

What A Digital Marketing Team Brings Today

As noted earlier, digital marketing efforts should be a reflection of the current business landscape. In the past year, we’ve seen companies find and develop creative ways to ensure new and long-time customers that it’s business as usual for them. This is done as a way of building and maintaining customer relationships even when most consumers are not interacting with brands in a traditional sense.

You can see this take effect every time you open your email. Even before the pandemic, businesses used email marketing or newsletters as a cost-effective strategy to garner audiences new and old. You’ve certainly gotten your fair share of emails this year from companies letting you know that they are here to help online. It may not seem like much at first, but these small check-ins can go a long way in maintaining the customer rapport companies have built.

Key Roles To Consider

Marketing roles are very divisive. From content creation to social media management, each serve a key aspect in the development of a company’s online brand. Consider offshoring some of the following essential marketing roles to further your global reach.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Any online marketing team starts with a Digital Marketing Specialist. They oversee the creation and implementation of their company’s online strategy. Through their specialised knowledge on increasing online brand awareness, they engage with new prospects, effectively raising their company’s profile. This is thanks in part to their experiences in navigating the current online landscape. From a digital marketing perspective, their role shows that traditional marketing approaches – though once reliable – are not as viable in the 21st century. 

Digital Marketing Specialists know which current trends to follow.

Simply put, they are the foundation of any successful marketing team. With the right offshoring provider, you can find the right digital marketer who will elevate your company to the next level.

Business Development Consultant

For a business to succeed, they must understand what the current market is like. Regardless of their industry, staying competitive means having a close eye on market research and analysis. This is why most marketing teams today need a business development consultant. Armed with an expertise of industry sectors, market trends and customer habits, they help draft proposals for clients while also managing their end-to-end relationships. 

The great part about it is that finding a business development consultant is more accessible. Because offshoring can fill out some highly niche roles, companies can find the right consultant that fits their objective. With the right provider, they will work closely with clients to deliver key outcomes and implement vital campaigns for the marketing side of the business.

Content Creation

A content creator can help companies attract new audiences. Through regularly produced content, they can get the most out of search engine results within the latest trends. An offshored content creator will be able to deliver what you need in different channels. This can range from industry discussions, thorough analysis and even some fun pieces that keeps everyone updated. 

As a result, the created content shapes your company’s online image. Through the quality content produced, it can also further your reputation as an industry thought leader. Most of all, content that ranks first in search engines establishes you as an authority.

Content creation is also not restricted to text entries found on a company’s official site. This also extends to what your respective social media pages produce as well. As the old saying goes, content is king but engagement is the queen. And there is no better way to measure your engagement than through social media.

Social Media Management

With that in mind, elevating your social media pages and presence is becoming more important. Many this past year saw the importance of cultivating an audience and maintaining a consistent social media presence. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, the reach of social media cannot be denied.

Businesses get more visibility through their social media presence.

This is easier said than done however. Allowing yourself to thrive on social media is not easy. Creativity, patience and a keen eye on user reactions are just some of the things that go into social media management. Having someone on your digital marketing team who is dedicated to managing your social media content will help maximise your presence on different platforms. By offshoring this specialised yet versatile role, you can boost your presence on your preferred social platforms you choose without compromise.

Graphic Designer

Online businesses today understand the importance of branding and what it means to stand out in their industry. That’s why having a graphic designer as part of their marketing team will help accomplish this. Graphic designers help maintain your brand image. They are aware of its defining aspects and intricacies – from colour scheme down to the font used – that will leave an impression on audiences. Because it is also a form of content creation, graphic design requires regular output at a consistently high level. 

Hiring a graphic designer locally can be costly, even if it means high-quality output. With the right offshoring provider, you can get the results you want at the same level without any extra cost.

Reflecting Current Online Trends

The last year and a half has been very different for businesses and consumers. With more people opting to stay indoors out of safety, online traffic – regardless of device – has greatly increased. More people browsing online means companies needing to step up their online presence for consumers. Social media still remains a powerful tool that people are using to contact and interact with businesses. Advertising through SEO and PPC continuing to flourish as a means of increasing online traffic. 

This is where a digital marketing team can play a huge role for your business. They are aware that reaching an audience in 2021 requires more unique approaches. We’ve seen since then how different industries adapted to the current situation as best they can. Some industries – such as the travel industry – were impacted more but continued to keep their audience engaged. This is thanks in part to their marketing efforts that kept them relevant and active.

 The Bottom Line

Indeed, it’s been a collective year and a half where industries scrambled to stay operational. It was a learning process which many have grown out from since then. In the case of digital marketers, they developed several approaches that they could leverage in the coming years. Centered among them is online engagement.

As discussed earlier, digital marketing is certainly not a new concept. However, it is something that businesses should embrace more in order to evolve with the times. With changes to many business models, marketing strategies should adapt as well.