Sing Your Hearts Out at Diversify’s First Lip Sync Battle

One of the most fun characteristics of Philippine culture is a love for music. It’s an oft repeated joke that when given the chance, Filipinos will bring out their karaoke machines for a night of singing. There’s an intangible quality to belting out some popular songs with all your friends gathered around you. You might even get lucky with a full blown performance from those with a little pep in their step.

This is what made our most recent office huddle so much more unique. We’ve seen videos on the Internet of people lip syncing their favorite songs, sometimes set to a full production. Diversify wanted to have its own lip syncing competition and it certainly got a lot more than that.



The premise itself is simple enough: Pick a song you like, lip sync it while performing in front of a crowd. We’ve seen before just how enthusiastic Diversify employees can be and even if it was a small monthly huddle, the participants went all out. With songs from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Queen, the energy that resonated from all the participants excited the Friday afternoon crowd. As an added bonus, the BGC office was treated to a surprise performance from some Australian managers who were in town and wanted to be part of it as well!

In a way, the lip sync battle was a two-fold celebration that highlighted the best of Diversify its people. It capped a strong month that was made possible by the tireless efforts of all our employees each day. To be able to plan and organize an event like this amidst their daily tasks was nothing short of astounding. At the same time, it could be said the lip sync battle was an extension of our month-long celebration of “Buwan ng Wika.” Where we previously celebrated our traditions and culture with a history-themed fashion show, we got to show a more modern side of Philippine popular culture that we are proud of. This creative approach to our continuing monthly huddle could only have come from the minds at work here in Diversify.

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