Runway Rendezvous: A Diversify Haute Couture Huddle

9 Oct 2023

Fashion is everywhere, darling, especially at Diversify. From chunky boots, large blazers, and stylish belts that give a proper silhouette, our Diversify teams know how to give a look – sorry, a ‘lewk”. Last month, we brought New York Fashion Week to Diversify with our September huddle: Runway Rendezvous. Trust us, you will not want to miss the couture from BGC to Cebu.

Strap yourselves in for a haute huddle, because our Engagement team did an amazing job for the first huddle of “-ber” months. But before that, what exactly is a “Fashion Week”?

Fashion Week at Diversify

While it’s held worldwide, Fashion Week is particularly anticipated in the world’s top fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan, and New York City. The week puts the spotlight on designers, brands, and “houses” who take their creations to the catwalk. They showcase new lines of clothing and aesthetic. It’s also a space for artistic expression, much like an art gallery. 

Fashion Week features stunning runway looks and couture artistry…

While the top fashion capitals are the most prominent Fashion Week events, they’re not the only ones! Any and every place or organisation can have their own version of a Fashion Week. At the core of it all, it’s about presenting creativity and embracing individuality. 

…which is perfect for our Diversify huddles (say hi to The Curve’s Fashion Icon!).

Which makes it perfect as a Diversify huddle! If you’ve seen what our teams can do, you know that artistic expression is one of their fortes. From office transformations during our Halloween huddles to the performances at every Year-End party  (we cannot wait for this year’s YEP, by the way) our teams never fail to surprise us. With that, let’s see what our teams brought to the runway.

The Runway Rendezvous Huddle 

The quote “Style is Eternal” greets you as soon as you walk into the huddle venue. Every huddle designed the rooms as their own vision of a runway event. Complete with spotlights, a catwalk fit for a star, and some even had a photobooth to take pictures in! 

You can bet that even our hosts dressed to the nines! 

Even our team members who weren’t looking to take the spotlight as Fashion Icon brought their best getups. Some even said it’s a good avenue to test out Year-End Party outfits! With this, we couldn’t wait as our Fashion Icons walked down that runway.

Fashion is the Only Game You Can Win by Breaking the Rules

But first, it wouldn’t be a Diversify huddle without our thematic games! If you think our teams wouldn’t sprinkle in some dexterity challenges, you’d be wrong!

Folks at Twenty-Four Seven competed in wearing articles of clothing as fast as they could. The catch is: they have to do it without their hands. Luckily, they had a chair and helping hands on standby in case they tumbled (which was really close!).

Meanwhile, The Curve thought that a catwalk was just a little bit too easy. To add some spice to the game, they challenged their teams to balance paper plates between their arms and legs. They also had to pass them to their other teammates without using their hands. 

Lastly, the WFH Huddle played a fabulous game of Capture the Look! As a test of mental skill, the teams were tasked to watch fashion event videos and identify the icons. Amazingly, our WFH teams absolutely know their designers. 

Diversify’s First Fashion Icon at Runway Rendezvous!

Both Twenty-Four Seven and The Curve showed up with the Gen Z aesthetic in mind. The Gen Z fashion trends are highly influenced by vintage/thrifted pieces and streetwear. It’s always a prioritisation of comfort – think oversized clothing – without sacrificing style. Most of the competing icons donned on oversized blazers, statement accessories, and eye-catching pops of colours. 

One of our competing Fashion Icons, rocking the electric green eleganza.

What’s more, is that one of our The Curve contestants rolled onto the catwalk! Which is to say, he posed on a trolley while his teammate pushed it onto the stage. Talk about an entrance! 

Meanwhile, the 9th and 10th floors of Twenty-Five Seven featured some of the drag artists from our Pride huddle. Along with them are new faces to our huddle stage with their own spin on gowns and dresses. 

Outfit inspiration? “…the spirit of a strong, hardworking Filipina”.

Lastly, fashion thrives especially when the sun goes down! The nightshift folks from Twenty-Five and Twenty-Four Seven elevated professional outfits. They spun the ordinary old combination of suits and polos into stunning runway-level looks. It’s amazing how much small details can affect your outfit.

The outfits only get more chic as the sun goes down for night shift!

Overall, each huddle had their own Fashion icons. So, join us in congratulating Myra Syguia, Jo Ann Velasco, Vincent Briongos, Ramon Salvacion, Jaira Diamante, Rowena Adlawan, Yanelli Aninipot, Danilo Linganay Jr., and Mark Anthony Bañez! You deserve it, fashionistas. Thanks for always going above and beyond when it comes to artistry. 

He’s the photographer and the model.

Shoutout to Shakey from our Marketing Team! As both one of the Fashion Icons of Twenty-Five Seven as well as our trusted videographer for the huddle, he literally captured the runway. 

Onto the Spooky Month! 

With that, the curtain falls for Runway Rendezvous. What’s next for Diversify’s long list of events for the last leg of 2023? Well, most of you know, we have Moonrise: Year End Party 2023 to look forward to in November! It’s going to be an amazing evening with star-studded guests, dazzling performances, and laurels to be given. So, stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, we have our Halloween huddle ready and waiting! If you enjoyed the creativity and artistry that our Diversify teams presented today, then you’ll love what we have in store. Let’s just say, you better brush up on your local cryptid knowledge, folks.