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How to Ace that Job Interview: Tips from the Pros

Picture this, you’ve just landed an interview. You’re excited, but can’t shake off that nervous feeling you’ve got.  Your palms are sweaty, and you’re desperately scouring online to…

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project remote team
Industry Focus
Planning a Project with a Remote Team: How to Get Start...

With an offshore team, you have the opportunity to work on projects with bright minds from all over the world. It may be overwhelming to know where to get started and how to build a system of…

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diversicup 2023
The Major Comeback Event: A Diversicup 2023 Recap

We’re here to regale you with a tale about Diversify’s quest for glory. After a 4-year hiatus, the Diversicup sports fest finally made its historic return to the court! As one of our major…

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