Outsourcing Marketing: Five Functions to Consider

6 Aug 2019

With the online landscape constantly changing, outsourcing marketing roles requires a very set of special skills. Traditional methods are becoming harder to apply in today’s day an age. That is why marketing in the digital age involves specialised knowledge and understanding of the online landscape that continues to get technical each day.

Outsourcing Marketing Functions

Indeed, many companies today recognize the need for a strong marketing team. However, a few today are finding further success by outsourcing marketing functions. Not only do they see the advantages of collaborating with outsourcing companies in the Philippines, they reap the benefits of outsourcing in general.

Marketing roles are very divisive, with each serving a critical role in the development of any company. Here are some functions that companies are able to outsource.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Navigating the current online landscape is a daunting task, especially from a marketing perspective. What’s clear however is that the once reliable, traditional approaches of marketing are no longer viable strategies in the 21st century. A digital marketing specialist understands how companies can increase brand awareness, engage new prospects and promote a company effectively online.

Digital Marketers are often the backbone of a company’s strategy online. With the right outsourcing provider, you can find the right digital marketer who can take your company to the next level globally.

Business Development Consultant

Market research and analysis are important to any company if they want to stay competitive. That is what a business development consultant brings to any marketing team. With their knowledge of industry sectors, market trends and customer habits, they are able to craft proposals and presentation while also implementing campaigns and managing end-to-end client relationships.

outsourcing marketing

Business Development Consultants collaborate with top management to deliver key outcomes.

It might be hard to imagine such a complex role is able to be outsourced. With the advancements in technology and real time communication, outsourcing a business development consultant is now easier than ever. Through your outsourcing provider, they will work closely with your different managers to deliver key outcomes for the marketing side of business.

Content Creation

If you want to get the most out of search engine optimization, your company needs to produce top quality content. Not only that, the content has to be produced on a regular basis. Through an outsourced content creator, they will be able to deliver these through thoughtful discussions and regular posts that keep everyone updated. Doing this shapes your company’s reputation as an industry thought leader and authority. In turn, it helps attracts the attention of leads, prospects and even potential employees.

Content is also not restricted to just what is produced on a company’s official site. This also covers what your respective social media pages produce as well. As the old saying goes, content is king but engagement is the queen.

Social Media Management

As discussed above, online content creation also involves also bolstering your social media pages. Many companies fail to capitalize on the importance of maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Making companies thrive on social media is not an easy task. It requires creativity, patience and a keen eye on the comments or reactions from people who visit your page daily. It goes without saying that having someone dedicated social media on your marketing team will help maximize your presence on different platforms. By outsourcing a versatile role, you can boost your presence on the platform you choose without compromise.

Graphic Designer

So you may be wondering why graphic design is considered a marketing role instead of a creative one. As it is also considered a form content creation, graphic design requires regular output at a consistently high level. In today’s online landscape, it’s all about standing out and great graphic designers will help you accomplish this. They are in charge of maintaining your brand image and defining aspects – from color scheme down to font used – that will make people remember your company better.

Consider these important functions but from a more cost effective approach. Hiring a graphic designer locally can be costly even if it means getting high quality work from them. When partnered with an outsourcing provider, you can get the same work done at the same level without any extra cost.

Staying Competitive Globally

Outsourcing key marketing functions will benefit companies in the short and long run. While it does involve collaborating with a provider in another country, it also means reaping all the advantages of a great marketing team at a fraction of local costs. Through due diligence checks, the right outsourcing provider can help fill out the functions that you require.

Diversify is fully equipped to handle all your outsourcing marketing needs and is ready to provide a team that can take on key functions. Contact us today to get started.

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