The Outrageously Fun 2017 Diversify Year End Party

19 Dec 2017

By all accounts, 2017 was an incredible year for Diversify and there was no better way to cap off this year for everyone than with our biggest year end party ever.



Teams from all of Diversify’s offices made their presence known at SMX Aura last December 15 for Year End Party. It was a night filled with outrageous performances, but also inspiring ones that will carry Diversify into the New Year.

Special Recognition

CEO Angela Vidler addressed the Diversify employees present and recapped of the entire year. She praised everyone’s efforts for 2017, which have certainly stepped up since the last year. There was double the staff growth, an increased online presence and countless quality work hours produced in 2017. Diversify continues to show why it has become one of the premiere offshoring destinations in Manila.

CEO Angela Vidler feeling the energy in the evening’s performances.

As a special gesture, Diversify took time to recognize those that have seen it all since Day One. Few employees have seen Diversify from its humble beginnings. From out of a shared office, it now houses a staff that has doubled in just the past year. Their loyalty and dedication to the company has helped shaped what Diversify has become today.

Party Like It’s 1987

The theme for the Year End Party was based on the 80s. Known for its big hair, crazy fashion and music, having an 80s themed party guaranteed a very festive atmosphere. In the days leading up to the party, several teaser videos and photos were shown to Diversify’s employees. These enticed them to not only join the party but to take part in performances. This almost seemed like a very impossible task. As crunch time was being felt across all our sites, many employees needed to beat deadlines before the holiday break. However, as Diversify has proven time and time again, everyone brought their A-Game and blew last year’s performances out of the water.

There were plenty of all-out performances that made the entire evening memorable.

All the teams from each site delivered awesome performances, all set to our favorite songs from the 1980s. Madonna, Journey, Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi were just some of the artists celebrated in the different team performances. With five groups from three different offices, choosing the best performers is not getting any easier for our judges!

Throughout the evening, different raffle prizes were also given away to everyone who attended. More than 60 prizes were raffled off and lucky winners took home everything from appliances, smartphones, video game consoles and a large flatscreen TV. Prizes were awarded by various members of the management team, with the major ones raffled off by Angela.

A Year End Party to remember

As the evening wound down, there was plenty to think about and reflect on the year for Diversify. As Angela had said earlier in the night, this cause for celebration would not have been possible without everyone present that evening. For many of us there that evening, there was a feeling of both relief that the year was almost over, but also a strong sense of pride in what everyone has managed to accomplished.

SMX Aura was rocking with Diversify in the house!

This was also compounded with excitement building for what the New Year was going to bring to the company. With a new facility on the horizon and more growth still to come, the coming year promises plenty of new challenges and opportunities for Diversify to better itself. However, those will have to wait for 2018. For one Friday evening, Diversify’s Year End Party belonged to the staff that made the company. Without them, Diversify would not be what it is today and there was no better way to end this year.

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