Why an Offshore Plan is Like Hosting a Dinner Party

21 Mar 2017

When was the last time you attended a memorable dinner party? Good parties are often the ones that are planned properly and ahead of time. The best hosts know that a dinner party is more than just about having the right amount of food prepared. They consider the guests that will come, how they will be accommodated and the entertainment for the evening.

The similarities of hosting a dinner party are a lot like having an offshoring plan. A dinner party – and your business – need your full and undivided attention to fully work. Both will require careful planning and more work on your part as well. The end result, however, will be highly beneficial to all those involved.

Making Dinner Party Plans

Most assume that throwing a dinner party is easy. When you have a large amount of food, drinks and seats for everyone, you’ll be set. However, a proper dinner party takes careful planning. You can’t just “wing it” and hope for the best. Your intent for the dinner needs to be clear, even if it means taking on extra responsibilities to make sure it is a success.

We’ve established before that an applying an offshoring plan is not easy. It is something that requires time and extra responsibility on your part to ensure it functions to its fullest potential. You cannot expect an offshoring plan to magically work for you after you’ve put in place. Plan your business strategy around it to ensure you will get the most out of it.

Venue Matters

A lot of people want to host dinner parties from their home. For them, it’s convenient and a familiar, local place everyone knows. However, a house may not also be enough. Sometimes, you might need to look at outside venues to achieve the full experience that you want. Function rooms and party halls serve these exact purposes. People are initially hesitant about hosting a dinner outside their homes. But these venues are able to give them more flexibility and options for their party.

Location is a big deal in business. When you start your offshoring journey, you will need to decide where you want your team to be based in. Many developing countries have their own advantages that will help your business goals. The Philippines in particular can meet the objectives you have set for your company. With its low cost and highly skilled workforce, it is the best choice for any established offshore team.

Get Your Headcount

Dinner party planning requires knowing how many you can manage to fit in your venue. As exciting as it may be, you can’t just invite everyone that you want. If it’s a family event, consider those closest to you to be invited. If it’s a bigger affair, carefully consider who shouldn’t be left out. Getting the headcount is important so that you do not overstock (or understock) resources that could affect the dinner party’s total cost.

When selecting who will be in your offshore team, think of the roles you need filled. While it would be tempting to let your offshore team take on more responsibilities, know their talents and limits in order to make them work better with your local office. Decide which level of functions you can send offshore as it will not only help you reach your business goals, but you do it at a fraction of the cost.

Stay In The Loop

Thanks to social media, it’s easier to keep everyone updated on your dinner party plans. You can easily set reminders to save the date. Group messaging also lets you interact with guests in case they have any questions leading up to your dinner party as well. No one is kept in the dark and everyone is informed of what’s going on.

Because your offshore and local team are located in different countries, it is important to keep both sides updated on business developments. This is extra important for your offshore team since they may feel left out the most. When both teams are equally informed, the working relationship becomes stronger and more harmonious than it once was.

Keep Them Entertained

During the dinner party itself, you as the host should think of ways to keep everyone entertained. Do you let everyone engage in small talk? Is there budget for a small band to play for everyone? What about a guest of honor everyone talks about? Your guests can (and should) stay engaged for the whole evening.

A well-executed offshoring plan involves constant engagement with your team. They are an extension of your business and, like dinner guests, personally chosen by you. It is a major responsibility to build a culture of engagement and belonging with your offshore team as they bring incredible talent to your business.

The End of the Night

When a dinner party is done right, people will talk about it. They talk about their evening with their friends and share their experiences with others. The same can be said about a well-executed offshoring plan. When done right, clients talk about their seamless offshoring experiences and how it has benefited their business. Because offshoring is an emerging business trend of the future, clients may even recommend it to others.

Diversify continues to ensure its clients have optimal offshoring experiences. We work closely with you to develop a roll out plan for your company and what steps you should take to properly execute it. Drop us a line today if you want to get started on your offshoring journey today.