Four Key Roles your Competitor is Offshoring

23 Sep 2022

There is a reason why offshoring saves organizations 70% of their business costs.. The help it gives to businesses of all sizes is hard to find. This includes your competitors, who chose offshoring to delegate key roles.

It’s hard to scale a business when you’re being pulled in different directions. The harsh truth is that quality service or product is not enough to keep a business going. Without the time nor resources, it’s hard to do small but necessary work without sacrificing quality. Through offshoring services, you can maintain your company through a cost-effective option that does not compromise output. It also helps you stay ahead as companies now offshore roles to focus on their main tasks.

Key Roles for Offshoring

It’s always best to leave it to the experts. Which is why offshore providers have a wide pool of talent who can help maintain your business. While there are countless tasks you can turn over, it helps to know the best ones. Here are four key roles that you can offshore to stay ahead of the game.

Digital Marketer

According to Visual Objects, 76% of people would search a business online before visiting on-site. But, most companies still do not see advertising as an essential. Especially digital advertising in the age of phones and the internet.  It’s understandable since digital marketing takes a lot of effort, and trends move quickly.

An offshore digital marketing team works to improve your online presence.

Unlike traditional marketing, online platforms allow for flexible and creative campaigns. The pitfall is that the digital market is saturated with creatives. And they know how to make the most of an online presence. Which is why getting into the game while trying to maintain a business gets tricky. So, companies opt to offshore digital marketing to focus on their core functions while still building an online presence.  

Better Brand Awareness by Offshoring Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comes in two ways: SEO writing and social media. When potential customers search for a service relating to your business, strategic writing helps to make sure you’re at the top of the results. The same works for social media content. Your offshore marketing team makes daily content on your social media platforms to raise your online visibility. They would interact with your customers online to answer questions or feedback. This creates a solid brand image for your business. It shows that you care for and interact with customers regularly. No more worries about the equipment or branding research. Your marketing team has it covered.

Payroll Clerk

Running payroll is important in running a reputable business. It shows that you follow legal regulations and care enough to pay staff on time with accuracy. So, when it comes to tasks that need close attention, payroll has to be at the top. Companies with offshored payroll know that it is not only time consuming but sensitive work. It shouldn’t be left at the last minute or at the end of the day. But, it should also not take up the bulk of your work day. 

Offshoring Bookkeeping and Payroll

Offshoring payroll covers two main bases: bookkeeping and payroll. Bookkeeping means keeping your employees’ records. This includes a transparent breakdown of their pay slip. Second, payroll. Turning over this task to them saves from having to mitigate payroll mistakes and can even improve data security. It takes too long and it’s particular, but payroll is necessary. Luckily, an offshore team can take care of this for you.

Software Developer

Offshoring your programming needs improves your company’s innovation efforts. Whether to compliment your in-house staff, or to have a fully offshore development team, there are a lot of things they can do to help. Common tasks offshored like documentation and testing are tedious but necessary. This frees up time especially during seasons of intense production This frees up time especially during seasons of intense production.

What are the Benefits of Offshoring Developer Roles

Cost and time differences are two main benefits of offshored programming. Most see the global distance as the crutch of offshoring. But, this also means that you have a wider team from different backgrounds who have new insights. The time difference itself is also beneficial. Once your in-house team is done developing a program, you have another team ready to clock in. You’ll sleep knowing that your offshore partners have just started their day and can test it out quickly. 

An offshore provider handles your team’s work computers.

In terms of cost, software development takes up resources. You need more high end computers, software, and space. Offshore services makes sure that your team is outfitted with proper tools to get the job done. Saving you time, money, and effort while opening the business to a wider reach of talented developers.

Talent Acquisition

A good company has a pool of employees that stand out. But, having an in-house hiring team requires a lot of upkeep. This makes it difficult to scale your business. Offshoring recruitment means handing over the hiring process to professionals. Aside from the cost, companies choose to offshore this role for consistency and efficiency. A consistent process has a stable and streamlined strategy from recruitment to hiring. With this, companies can maintain consistent output and better candidate selection. 

Careful Selection by Offshoring Hiring Roles

The efficiency of offshored hiring lies in their dedication to each candidate. Which means that selection of talent goes beyond reading their resume. Offshore talent acquisition ensures that potential clients are tended to, with training and onboarding processes. 

Offshoring services also ensure that your recruitment team is up to date in human resources trends. This means understanding the new job portals, systems, and training software. Through this, the worries of recruitment are gone. All you have to do is focus on your business’ core responsibilities while you wait for your new staff.

The Convenience of Offshoring Key Roles

Small and large businesses alike see the convenience of working with offshore providers to keep their business efficient. It’s an understanding that efficiency comes from turning over work to the professionals. Through offshoring, you also get the benefit of technology and having a global range for your workforce. With all of these considerations, it’s not hard to see why your competitors are offshoring key roles to trusted providers who can work in partnership with you in implementing offshore strategies.