Four Common Mistakes When Offshoring

31 Oct 2023

As easy and effective offshoring is, it is still a business strategy. It will come with its own challenges and issues if not done properly. The mistakes from failed offshoring strategies are likely a result of mismanagement and lack of research. Being one of the leading offshore providers, we’ve learned and mitigated risks when it comes to having an offshore team. 

As with any business decision, we need to learn common offshoring mistakes. The common pitfalls that happen when it comes to offshoring can be attributed to substantial planning and a lack of communication. While they are common, they are easily mitigated if you have the right offshore partner to plan through it. Let’s see the four most common mistakes when offshoring.

Ineffective Communication with the Local Team

When done right, an offshore team can synergise well with your local team. However, it will always require the proper introductions. Remember to address any concerns with your local team to avoid uncertainties. Your local staff will always have initial fears ranging from job security, work quality, and change in office culture. But do your best to hear them out and reassure them that offshoring is meant to support what already exists.

The best first step is to properly brief your local team on offshoring. 

Open communication with your team is the right step to start. However, once you have your offshore team, be sure to properly introduce them to your local team and vice-versa. Treat them as if you would any other team member and ensure that they are part of your office culture.

Lack of Cultural Awareness

Cultural sensitivity is the backbone of a workplace that values diversity. As your offshore team will come from a different cultural background than you or your local team, it’s respectful to do a little research. Businesses that do not take the time to bridge the cultural divide between them and their offshore team are usually subject to miscommunication. There will always be a cultural disconnect, but what you can do is find a way to understand why. 

Your offshoring provider can brief you on the culture of your offshore team.

You can always contact your offshore provider to give training, resources, or general tips on working with your offshore team. Ask about the beliefs, traditions, everyday life, and even something as simple as working holidays. It’s a game changer when it comes to connecting with your team across the pond. 

Rushing the Offshoring Implementation Process

We know, getting a new team is exciting. New people, new talent, new ideas, and you’re going to want to get things off the ground quickly. But, rushing the implementation process is a big and often common mistake when it comes to both offshoring and outsourcing. Getting too impatient with discussing what your business needs, the roles you prefer, the team you’d want, 

The beauty of getting an offshore provider rather than a recruiter is that they are not just there to scout for talent. We are here to guide you through the process. Think of us as a partner – if you succeed, we succeed. Therefore, naturally, we want to make the offshoring steps easy, but thorough as well. 

Not Strengthening Your Offshore Team Relationships

For one, it enhances working culture by building stronger and more personable relationships with your offshore team. You’ll be able to understand their unique perspectives and give you insights on what motivates them professionally. It’s simply enjoyable to work with people who know you professionally and personally. It reduces stress and burnout because, often, it’ll feel like you’re working with close peers.

Second, it breaks communication barriers. Try asking your team about what they did on the weekend during your weekly catch-up meeting. You’ll hear stories of their hobbies and lives that are great for breaking the stress of a meeting. Brainstorming sessions and collaborative projects work best when the team is comfortable with each other either way.

You can meet your offshore team by visiting our Diversify offices!

Don’t worry, to get you started you can always refer to Diversify’s newsletter called Monthly Rewind. There we give updates on the company’s comings and goings, as well as noteworthy news about your team. We regularly host huddles and competitions at Diversify, which is a great jumping-off point to start talking with your teams. Hey! You can also come over and bond with them in the events themselves. Trust us, you’ll have the time of your life.

Partner with the Right Offshoring Provider to Prevent Mistakes

The mistakes above can be attributed to a lack of planning and research. At Diversify, we like to think that we’ve seen every mistake possible, and we know how to best mitigate them. The best course of action in preventing offshore mistakes is to find the right partner to help you through it. We’d like to think that’s us. We’re not just a provider, we’re an offshoring partner who is here to watch you succeed. Contact us now and let’s get you started.