The Different Roles That Can Be Offshored

9 May 2017

Offshoring was once considered a service limited to just minor functions. In recent years, it evolved to provide more different roles to medium, large and listed companies. Today, it is becoming a trend shaping the business landscape.

When discussing offshoring, IT functions and roles come to mind first. It is one of the major industries that has benefited from diverse talent pools found in developing countries. IT roles, both major and minor, continue to prosper thanks to offshoring.

With current developments in technology, this shouldn’t be a surprise. However, the potential for other major functions to be offshored is also present.

Different Roles at Different Levels

When you offshore to a country like the Philippines, chances are you can find some incredibly skilled people for your team. The talents they possess can help your company stay competitive in the global stage. About 400,000 Filipinos graduate every year, many with degrees in specialised areas. Whether it’s business administration or web development, many Filipinos are a perfect fit to join your team.

Moreover, you also gain a new appreciation for different cultures and work environments. In order to become more globalized, working with different people around the world will certainly help. Offshoring lets you engage with highly-skilled people of different cultures that you can learn from.

A Strong Back Office

A well-planned offshoring strategy goes beyond focusing on IT functions. There is immense back office support provided by an offshore team as well. Companies can fill out transcriptionist, support and paralegal roles through an offshoring plan. More developed roles in HR, administrations, and operations can also be offshored with the right people.

By teaming with the right offshoring provider, you can find the right employees that will fill these roles for you. Through a more hands-on approach, assigning the different roles to your offshore team lets you know how to maximize their talents.

A Well Rounded Marketing Team

More medium, large and listed companies are seeing the results they need from an offshoring plan. Some have gone on to hire full teams fulfilling different roles in management positions to meet growing demands. Offshoring has allowed them to grow their business without increasing their overhead.




Your offshore team can handle a wide range of roles that you may need.



Diversify has always believed in what an offshore marketing team can do for your business. Just about every role you need can be filled at every level. From business development roles to graphic design, team members can take on different mid to high-level tasks you need completed. You get quality work from your team with major savings on your part.



With proper onboarding and engagement, your offshore marketing team will become valuable assets your business needs. They are an important part of your company despite not being in the same space as your local team. When both your teams operate on the same page, you will see what the power of offshoring can do for your business.

Ready to begin your offshoring journey? Contact us today to discuss an offshoring plan that works for you.