What Companies Get Wrong About a Customer Service Representative

22 Jan 2018

There are a variety of titles businesses have for a customer service representative. They are commonly called “call centre agents,” which is not indicative of their contributions to the company. The label became a stigma that doesn’t fully grasp what a good customer service representative can do.

What a customer service representative does is often underappreciated. Their role is often downplayed as employees who just answer calls every day and address customer concerns. The nature of their job is perceived is “easy,” which leads to the wrong assumption they can easily be replaced.

Although it may seem their role is less hands-on than most, a CSR can make or break a company’s reputation.

What a Customer Service Representative Does

As extensions of your local workforce, customer service representatives take on a vital role in any company they are in. They field customer questions, concerns and feedback and help sell new products and services, thus generating potential sales in the process. Companies often require their services to be 24/7 with timely responses given to their customers. By doing so, they add more value to the customer experience.

The offshoring/BPO industry is sometimes (wrongly) called the “Call Center Industry” due to the number of jobs focused on customer service. It’s true that many take on customer service roles, but it should not immediately be brushed off as a job most anyone can do.

Managing all the concerns and feedback from customers can be a complex task. Social media today has made it easier for a company can be contacted. The back office support that they provide helps keep customers satisfied while also drawing in a new audience.

The True Value of a Customer Service Representative

As noted earlier, the stigma of calling CSRs as “call centre agents” doesn’t show how valuable one is to a company. When you consider the number of specialized industries that require customer service, it shows the need to have very qualified people for the job. These individuals are not easy to find and often require collaborating with an offshoring staff provider to recruit. Some of the most seasoned CSRs bring knowledge and experience to their respective industries.

Customer Service Representatives in specialized industries are vital, long-term employees.

The public image of a company is also in the hands of a customer service representative. Because of social media, people are more likely to share bad experiences with a company rather than a good one. Potential customers will more likely hear about a bad service than a good one, thus harming a company’s reputation. With a good, well-trained customer service representative, they will be able to provide quality service and support that customers will rave about.

A good customer service representative is also not very easily replaced. They are fully invested in the company and know every detail about it. This helps them upsell the company to new customers, whether through cold calls or related methods. Eventually, they become even more important assets to a company and evolve beyond their initial role.

Finding the best Customer Service Representative

Quality customer service is essential, whether you are a medium, large or listed company. While the resources may be available locally, it can be a much more costly endeavor. Smart companies today realize the value of an offshore customer service team that can operate on a 24/7 basis. They are able to provide excellent service and bring value to a company at a lowered cost.

Collaborating with an offshore service provider helps you find the customer service representative or team you may be looking for. No matter the industry, there are highly qualified customer service representatives that can help your business. With the right people addressing issues in a timely, detailed manner, your company will be viewed positively that can attract potential new customers.

Start finding the right customer service representative for your company. Contact us today to get started.

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