The Benefits of A Happy, Motivated Workforce

20 Feb 2019

One of the core values that Diversify lives by is “family.” We believe that our success would not be what it is today without the people who come in each day. For that to happen, it means having a work culture that feels like being part of a second family. This creates a happy and motivated workforce.

Most businesses will tell you that a happy workforce lead to better output around the office. While this is true, we want to focus more on the other, not often mentioned benefits of a happy workforce. Yes, when employees are satisfied, the atmosphere becomes more positive and more productive. But there’s absolutely more to it than that.

Developing Creative Energies

When a company’s employees are happy, the creative spirit also flourishes. Cultivating a positive workplace lets people flex their mental muscles more and explore their imagination. This may seem ideal for creative industries, but even the more technical ones can benefit from it as well.

Consider for a moment how creativity helps businesses. By keeping employees motivated and happy, they are able to come up with practical solutions that less positive ones may have thought of. Fostering creative energies also often means thinking outside the box. Doing so allows businesses to stand out in their field by taking a more unique, less-travelled approach fueled by the creative spirit.

The Spirit of Collaboration

One way that employees stay positive and creative is through collaboration. It’s no secret that having a highly collaborative workforce is the goal of many leaders and CEOs. While many leaders look to employee performance management tools to help in this endeavour, the key to effective collaboration might be far simpler than all that.

Energized and motivated employees are advantageous to any company.

According to research, having to work towards common goals with colleagues make employees more collaborative and determined. By establishing a solid working relationship, employees can become more sociable, therefore more relaxed around one another. This allows them to share their different ideas and opinions without feeling tense or anxious.

At the same time, positive employees are able to make better decisions. According to Alexander Kjerulf, chief happiness officer for Woohoo Inc., happy employees make better decisions, are better at time management, work better with others, and possess a number of other critical leadership skills.

People are no stranger to difficulties that happen during work that often cause stress and anxiety. However, a positive office environment with happy employees can turn the mood upside down after overcoming some workplace challenges.

Happiness and Loyalty

Diversify prides itself with having an attrition rate that is below the industry standard. We want everyone that works for us to love coming in each day, be comfortable with their colleagues and enjoy what they do.  We believe in our employees and invest in their career direction and satisfaction with the company. Diversify believed this since day one and continues to do so today.

From our own experiences, a happy workforce not only means a lower attrition rate. In an article from the Harvard Business Review, strong work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%. They saw also that employees who had good friends at work were more likely to engage fully in their work. It also means developing long-term, loyal employees who can showcase their talents to the fullest extent. We want our clients to work with some of the best talents from the Philippines.

Promoting Better Productivity

A company’s employees are its greatest asset. They strive to create an environment that allows its employees to feel accomplished, productive and motivated. You can have the most accomplished team under your belt, but they may not show their full potential in a less than appealing work environment.

It certainly can be said that emotions help influence the workplace, and overall happiness can steer any company in the right direction. This is what we want from our staff here in Diversify and why we prioritize developing a positive environment where everyone can flourish.