An Ethereal Year-End Celebration

17 Dec 2019

There were many ways to describe the last 12 months Diversify had. Last year, we said “huge” would be an understatement and when we recapped our 2019, it also rang true. One other way to describe Diversify’s 2019 is that it was a year full of “firsts.”

Indeed, Diversify’s Year-End Party for 2019 was a celebration of many different firsts for the company. As we continued to grow as a company, it also signalled the beginning of maturity and further opportunities. Through the highs and lows of the year, we weathered each storm and celebrated all our accomplishments, big or small. Diversify’s annual Year-End Party continued to show just how much we have grown and the different successes we achieved. We did this the only way we knew how.

Recognizing Greatness

Similar to last year, we capped off 2019 in Sofitel. This time however, we found ourselves in a much bigger room than last year – the Grand Ballroom of Sofitel. Considering our massive growth this year, it was more than a fitting space for Diversify to celebrate. Taking our yearly “class photo” now requires plenty of space, adjustments and wider angles from the photographers to truly capture how big Diversify’s year was. Needless to say, this continued to be a welcome challenge to have.

Managing Director Angela Vidler welcoming us all to an Ethereal evening.

Before the night truly began, it was worth looking back at what made 2019 our greatest year yet. As Managing Director Angela Vidler took the stage, there was a high sense of pride in her remarks on what this year has meant for everyone present that evening and the company as a whole. From unparalleled growth to major company milestones and a new office space in BGC, Diversify’s history book continued to be rewritten with each new achievement reached. A few of these programs certainly stood out as well. Last year, we began to recognize the long-tenured Diversify employees who’ve been with the company for five years. This year, we gave out service awards to nine of our long-time employees, completely eclipsing last year’s roster.

Celebrating our Core Value Awardees of the Year.

One other particular program highlighted was the Core Values Program and the recently concluded lunch that recognized our winners for the year. It was a celebration of the people who helped make Diversify the success it is today by continuing to personify the four Core Values the company is founded on. Their contributions to Diversify have been immeasurable and recognizing their efforts was the least that we could do for them. As the night went on, we also recognized other company milestones like the huddle of the year and various employee awards. 

Putting On An Exquisite Performance

Of course, it would not be a Diversify year-end party without some great performance numbers from our teams. For long-time Diversify employees, there was plenty of anticipation in what would be able to top the previous year of performances. It always seems like an impossible task but somehow, all the teams at Diversify manage to exceed expectations. They certainly worked hard during the year, and it was clear they partied just as hard. 

Teams went all out in putting on their best performances that evening.

Many often wonder where Diversify is able to come up with such energetic, creative performances each year. The faces on some teams may be different, but the efforts put into their stage shows is unparalleled. At the same time, it becomes much more difficult to always select the best performance in the evening! There were also a few special performances from Diversify’s management team that included a special guest.

Forward to the Future

As the evening went on, several prizes were also raffled off to lucky employees who were present. When the final prizes were given out and the night’s best performance was named, it was time to truly kick back and dance the rest of the night away.

Congratulations to The Curve as the night’s biggest winners!

It was a fitting end to both the year and the decade for Diversify. The mood during that Ethereal evening was a mix of pride in the work and efforts put in by everyone, and excitement for what was to come. A bit of the groundwork for what was to come in 2020 was laid out and it was clear that Diversify will have its work cut out for it. But as Diversify continues to show, this was something they would take on with full effort and enthusiasm. Before that happens however, it was fitting we celebrate all our victories and milestones to close out what could be called a truly historic year.

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