Celebrating the 2018 Diversify Sportsfest

16 Oct 2018

The annual Diversify Sportsfest gets bigger and bigger each year. At the rate the company is growing, this should not be surprising. October is a busy month for everyone at Diversify, and special events like the Sportsfest are fun and meaningful affairs that let everyone see a different, more casual side of the people they see every day.

One of many teams ready for some friendly competition.

The 2018 Diversify Sportsfest is a celebration of competition and the chance to establish stronger camaraderie with each other. It serves as a high point for later in the year and a chance to also show off athletic prowess.

A Three Way Contest

For the third straight year, Diversify’s Sportsfest was held once again at the British School Manila. It’s always great to be in familiar territory while welcoming new people to Diversify’s favourite sporting venue. Much like last year, basketball, badminton and volleyball were the three events the Sportsfest centred around. Similarly, the day started with an Oath of Sportsmanship that all the athletes participated in, followed by a lively Zumba session that put everyone in an active mood.

Zumba is always fun, positive and active affair for everyone.

Of course, there was a higher level of anticipation in this year’s Sportsfest than in previous years. There were more participants and teams for each of the games this year due in part to the company’s expansion in 2018. If last year’s highlight was the “Makati vs. BGC” rivalry, this year upped the stakes with teams from the newly opened Twenty-Five Seven site. No longer just a contest between two offices, this year’s Sportsfest now meant three talented offices with more teams to get involved.

Introducing the Diversify Cup

The Twenty-Five Seven teams were not the only additions to the Sportsfest. During the opening ceremony, Diversify’s management team introduced the Diversify Cup. Not only was this going to be a symbol of bragging rights for the winner, it was also the start of a brand new tradition for all of Diversify’s sportsfests.

As explained by COO Jez Batulan, each site will play for the right to take home the Diversify Cup and display it in their respective office. It will remain with the winners until the next Sportsfest for their chance to defend it.

Upping The Sportsfest Competition

In previous years, RSC teams often dominated all the events. The teams of Twenty-Four Seven were determined to avenge last year’s loss— eager to show their rivals how much they have improved. Meanwhile, the rookie teams of Twenty-Five Seven were intent on making their mark in their first ever Sportsfest.

Game faces on as Diversify teams battled for athletic superiority.

In the badminton events, the action was fast-paced with no team wanting to let up. With three divisions happening this year – men’s, women’s and mixed doubles – it was anyone’s game. To the surprise of many, Twenty-Four Seven defeated RSC in the Men’s and Women’s divisions while RSC won in mixed doubles.

As the badminton games were happening, loud and lively cheers echoed from the basketball court of British School Manila. Not to be outshined by their neighbours, Twenty-Five Seven brought a new level of intensity to Diversify basketball. The rookies trounced RSC’s and Twenty-Four Seven teams and finished the tournament undefeated.

Later in the afternoon, the indoor arena was converted to a volleyball court for the final matches of the day. RSC’s volleyball team, keen to prove their long-standing dominance, skillfully won all their games— showing everyone why they were the best.

Crowning The First Diversify Cup Winners

Crowning the champion of the 2018 Sportsfest was not as easy as it was in previous years. The friendly rivalry between RSC and Twenty-Four Seven took an unexpected turn. After tallying the results of each event, RSC and Twenty-Four Seven tied for first place. Faced with an unprecedented situation, the game officials had to review the score of each team in every event to break the tie. In the end, RSC’s experience and grit once again proved to be unmatched as they were named the first winners of the Diversify Cup.

Congratulations to the inaugural winners of the very first Diversify Cup!

By the end of the day, everyone was all smiles amidst the exhaustion from all the games. The competitive spirit was alive in Diversify and helped many of us feel closer to each other. New rivalries were born and are proving to keep friendly competition alive while forming bonds with new and old teammates. More than anything, forging stronger relationships have always been an underlying theme of every Sportsfest.

Competition often shapes our best selves and allows us to show our full potential. Whether it’s professionally, personally or athletically; this will always ring true. As this year’s Sportsfest draws to a close, our teams earned a much-needed breather, but you can bet that teams are already preparing for next year’s games.