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Learn & Grow – An educated workforce with the skills to enhance your business.

Staff education, training, professional development and experience form the backbone of any successful business. At Diversify, we pride ourselves on providing our teams with access to a rewarding educational environment focused on professional and personal development. We strive to ensure our client’s offshore team members have access to industry leading educational programs and resources ensuring they continue to grow as value adding members of their teams.

Why do we offer this? The Philippines is a country with a focus on tertiary education. With the third largest university graduate pool in the world, behind only China and India, and with more than four million workers already having experience working for Western businesses, the Philippines can offer exceptional talent to your business. Importantly, Filipino workers like to be challenged and to grow as both professionals and people. Having access to rewarding educational programs is critical to keep them engaged, and ultimately, retained.

The Philippines is a young country with a population of nearly 104 million. It has an average age of only 22 and has almost 500,000 university graduates each year meaning there is likely to be a significant pool of qualified staff available for a very considerable time to come.

The rise of online learning is now making it possible for Filipino staff to obtain western qualifications directly in a virtual learning environment. Aiding this is an increase in the number of Western universities who have lecturers and trainers based in the Philippines to assist in the provision of this education.


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