Legal Services

Despite its traditional roots and jurisdictional boundaries, legal services outsourcing is becoming one of the fastest growing offshore functions. The legal services typically outsourced include document review and production, research, discovery, and drafting and preparing court documents. Technological advances such as the development of automated legal processing tools and digital documents for contracts and court forms, as well as the commoditisation of some legal services – such as conveyancing and wills and estates – have also aided the growth of the legal outsourcing sector. Skilled offshore legal practitioners can be engaged to deliver professional legal process services and international legal work, leaving local lawyers able to focus on managing client relationships and providing localised legal advice.


Offshore lawyers working as paralegals can assist law firms with many day to day legal functions, whether that be legal data and knowledge management functions or preparing draft legal documents and briefs for counsel. In addition to labour cost savings, having access to an offshore legal team can also provide firms with 24/7 paralegal support for their operations.