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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of companies who promise to deliver offshore staff to you at the right price. And while we understand that cost is a very important driver, we know it’s not just about the price. Low cost doesn’t always deliver good value. A successful offshoring strategy is also about the execution, the support and ultimately, the result. We believe in the Diversify process and approach and so do our clients. Check out just a few of the businesses we have helped adopt a successful offshore approach. They’re reaping the rewards of a meticulously executed offshore program, customised specifically for their business.

Diversify OSS

"Working with the staff at Diversify is easy."

The staff are efficient, effective and professional and strive to deliver the best outcomes for my business. Diversify work collaboratively with me to identify the best solutions for me, and then assist in implementation. They look after the entire process and then ensure that my staff are well looked after. I am extremely happy with the outcomes achieved by utilising Diversify and would recommend that organisations looking to use an offshore workforce consider them. Diversify takes the time to understand my business and then works with me to identify the best solution for my organisation.

Brad Richardson

Managing Director
Diversify OSS

"I would certainly recommend Diversify."

As CEO of a busy and growing software development firm based in Brisbane, I needed to source skilled technical staff in Manila to support our growing number of projects. The team there is excellent and adds real value to my business, allowing me to focus on strategic outcomes. I have found Diversify to be very professional and easy to deal with. Nothing is ever too difficult and they make the process trouble-free. We are really pleased with our staff in the Philippines and how they’re looked after.

Eric Giles

Chief Executive Officer
Diversify OSS

"We are very happy to recommend them to anyone looking to achieve good results from an offshore workforce."

As the managing director of a magazine publishing business it is essential that our design work is done to both a very high standard and on time. We have utilised the services of Diversify ISS over the past couple of years. They have taken the time to understand our business needs and have guided us through the process from recruiting to managing our staff. We have been very pleased with the personalised and professional service provided by them.

Camilla Jansen

Managing Director, Business News Publications
Diversify OSS

"I would recommend Diversify to anyone looking to engage staff offshore."

In my experience working with Diversify, the staff are extremely professional and very easy to deal with. They are always quick to respond to any queries with no question being too difficult, making the process from recruitment to staff management flawless. We are very happy with our staff in Manila and the way Diversify looks after them.

Lauren Petty

Human Resource Manager, Terry White
Diversify OSS

"The team at Diversify are an excellent partner in helping us plan and implement our human capital strategy."

They provide a responsive end to end solution that means we have the flexibility and capacity we need to maintain a competitive advantage in our industry. Their strategic expertise, recruitment insights and cultural awareness are strengths that we rely on to build value in our organization through the development of our extended workforce.

Michael Burke

Managing Director, Liquid Interactive
Diversify OSS

"I have pleasure in advising that my experience with Diversify over the past 18 months has significantly exceeded my initial expectations with our offshore team now forming an integral part of our business."

The skills and commitment of the Diversify staff members are the equal of those in parallel positions in our Australian offices that they support. They are eager to learn and to engage with other members of the firm and take on our culture. The premises, together with the professional management, training and recruitment of staff, constitute a professional environment that results in quality results. I would be happy to refer anyone considering outsourcing to your service.

Col Archer

Chairman, Archers

Offshore case studies

Maybe the idea of a team based in the Philippines seems a little left of centre. Maybe you’re sceptical about it working for your industry. Or maybe you think you’re just not big enough to warrant an offshore team. Many of our clients have had similar concerns – and more – and we were pleased to address them all. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, across a myriad of sectors, are realising the benefits of well executed offshore programs. Keep scrolling to read about the experiences of a few of our happy clients vastly different sized business from a variety of sectors – who are now leveraging the power of successful Philippines-based offshore teams.

Major fast food franchise

Diversify was approached by a major fast food franchise to investigate offshoring specific back office tasks. In a rapidly changing and dynamic sector, and with the breaking down of digital communication barriers, competition has never been so fierce. Customers expect excellent service and great value while maintaining a high quality product.

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Travel services provider

A leading travel services provider utilised an outsourcing model for all of their data entry requirements for travel bookings. This approach worked in the early stages of their business, however, as things scaled up, the performance of their outsourcing service provider did not follow suit. As the volume of customers increased, they began to experience a range of issues with business continuity, staff turnover, and customer service. These issues caused the business to reconsider their approach and assess whether outsourcing was the right option for their business.

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