We don’t do outsourcing; that’s why we’re the best at offshoring.

There’s a vast difference between offshoring and outsourcing. We are offshoring specialists that are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes by creating cost-effective, sustainable workforce solutions. We work alongside your business to help you achieve remarkable results. We love to work in a partnership, rather than as a transactional service provider. We believe this is the most satisfying model for all parties – and the most successful. This is why we specialise in offshoring.

Team Alignment

We work with you as an extension of your business to hand-pick a team in the Philippines that will fit perfectly with your business. Once the team has been selected, this is the team that stays with you. Your offshore workforce will blend seamlessly with your local team, fitting in with your vision and values, and working to achieve your business goals. You select your offshore team and manage them directly, just as you do with your local people. Over time, your team will become embedded in your systems, processes, and culture. We believe that investing in a team is the way to achieving results.

It’s all about blending, partnering, and alignment. That’s the Diversify difference.

Transactional vs Partnership

Outsourcing tends to be more of a transactional arrangement, where your provider offers staffing services under a pre-agreed service level agreement. With this kind of arrangement, you typically wouldn’t be involved in selecting or managing these staff. The provider also has discretion to change or swap staff as they please. This causes business continuity issues where high turnover requires constant training of new staff. Offshoring avoids this as they are exclusively your employee and work only for you.

Offshoring vs Outsourcing

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8 steps to building your global workforce

So, you’re considering boosting your capability with an offshore team. You understand the benefits that a global workforce can deliver but you’re not quite sure how to go about implementing one. Well, one this is for sure, to implement and execute a successful offshore team, it takes meticulous planning and a proven approach. We’ve mapped out the eight key steps you need to consider if you’re business is going to achieve offshore success.

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