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Get an insight into the offshore workforce of the future!

Take your time to explore our city to learn more about what the future distributed workplace looks like, how offshore staffing works and what it can do for your business. The benefits offshore staff offer to your business include:


  • Savings of 70–80 per cent.
  • Allowing you to grow your business without significant capital investment or increasing fixed overheads.
  • Increasing your core staff depth, freeing up resourcing bottlenecks, improving data analysis, adding capacity ahead of demand and increasing customer engagement.
  • Running your business. 24/7/365.
  • Insourcing functions you’ve previously outsourced (such as SEO, telemarketing, and social media management) for less than you’re currently paying external providers.
  • Operating internationally with centralised and standardised processes and functions.
  • Exploring new business models where you reimagine how you work and the value proposition for your customers.
  • Focusing on what matters to you by taking removing onerous or process-driven tasks from local staff allowing them to work on your core priorities.
  • Developing staff careers by letting them manage offshore workers and develop their managerial skills.
  • Access to well educated experienced staff who may not be readily available locally.

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Divercity represents the workforce of the future; a globally distributed, extended and highly skilled workforce.