The Diversify Job Fair

Visit the Diversify job fair and meet the people who can deliver true value to your business.

Consider the Philippines one, gigantic job fair with a pool of over 500,000 highly educated and skilled graduates. We connect you with this workforce. We explore the job market for the best tertiary qualified employees the Philippines has to offer. Yes, you heard it – tertiary qualified.

At Diversify, we only offer tertiary qualified candidates to our clients. That’s the Diversify difference. Better yet, we only have offices in Metro-Manila meaning the calibre of our talent pool is industry leading. What does this mean for you? It means your offshore team is built with the best candidates from the best talent pool which equates to your offshore program being successful from the start.

There are many roles that your business could consider offshoring. From digital marketing and website development through to entire finance functions encompassing trained accountants, payroll staff and accounts payable. The opportunities are endless.


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Why should you consider Filipino employees?

  • The Philippines was an American colony for 50 years and as a result, they are very “western” in attitude and approach.
  • 94% English literacy.
  • The third largest university graduate pool in the world with nearly 500,000 graduates annually and a broad range of education.
  • They have been working for western businesses for nearly 30 years.
  • Filipinos are very loyal and hard working.

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