Report on The State of Outsourcing in Australia 2016

This industry-first survey gathered responses from various industries of all sizes. Respondents who had previously offshored gave their honest feedback and experience, while those who have not yet offshored shared with us why they have not done so yet. Through their responses, we identified what were key factors to a successful offshore program, perceived barriers of entry and common issues that need to be addressed.

By having access to this knowledge, those looking to offshore to the Philippines are aware of what’s involved with the process. Offshoring comes with many benefits but understanding the risks that come with it will fully prepare you to adopt it as a business strategy.

You can download our full survey results here

Offshoring is becoming more and more accepted and perceptions are changing. In the last couple of years, it went from being a function exclusive only to big businesses, to become wholly accessible to industries of all sizes. Its use of remote workplaces with a dedicated team makes it a promising future business trend in the years to come.


The Philippines in particular is emerging as the premiere location for your offshoring team. With a deep talent pool of consisting of skilled, educated workers with high English literacy, you will be able to achieve all your business objectives without the need to grow your overhead.

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