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Why Offshoring Is Like Holiday Shopping

As the year comes to a close, the time for holiday shopping is finally upon us. With days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday falling in that period, some say it’s the busiest time for anyone in the…

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The Impact of Automation in the Retail Industry

The impact of artificial intelligence’s role in the retail industry is a hot-button topic that continues to be a divided issue. Some champion the use of automation while others question its effect…

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Disney Villains Invade Diversify’s Halloween Part...

For some people, Diversify’s Halloween parties are often their favourite time of the year. Aside from getting to dress up for one day, we get to see the creative side of everyone that works here….

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Celebrating the 2018 Diversify Sportsfest

The annual Diversify Sportsfest gets bigger and bigger each year. At the rate the company is growing, this should not be surprising. October is a busy month for everyone at Diversify, and special…

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