Aiming to grow your small business?

It can be tough to build a business in Australia. Your growth is dependent on your bottom line, but how do you increase turnover without the right kind of people on your team? And how can you attract (and afford!) the right kind of people without a considerable turnover? It’s a vicious cycle. Especially here in Australia when the cost of good resources is incredibly high.

How do you find the balance and still grow?

Small businesses in Australia are constantly challenged. Faced with rising operational costs, competition, and keeping up with the continuous evolution of technology, together with the need to stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional products and services – all while ensuring your business is lean and efficient – it can all seem overwhelming.

Expand your business with an offshore team

Sound a little left field? Think using overseas resources might be punching above your weight? Think again.

Offshoring – or outsourcing (read about the difference here) – is not just for the big end of town. It’s a super smart, highly strategic solution for businesses of any shape or size.

Put simply, it’s like having your own staff based in an another location, with lower costs and overheads. Recent advances in digital and communications technology make enhancing your local team with offshore resources easy, efficient and cost effective. Any roles that can be done in Australia can be seamlessly performed offshore.

Still not sure? Let us bust some common offshoring myths or read on for more detail about how offshoring might help you grow your small business faster than you ever dreamed.

Aren’t offshore teams just call centres?

In short – no. There are lots of roles your small business could offshore. We’re talking Xero trained accounts payable and receivable roles through to digital marketing, graphic design and social media management. The roles you could offshore are totally dependent on what your objectives are.

If you’re aiming to make your business more efficient, why not consider replacing local process intensive tasks with offshore employees? Functions like client service or accounts focused roles are ideal for offshoring.

Maybe you need to build your business profile within your market segment. Growth focused roles like social media, graphic design and digital marketing are all great examples of functions that can be incorporated in an offshore team.

And you don’t have to have an entire team offshore. Lots of small business find that just having a couple of team members offshore makes a world of difference to their ability to service customers, build market share, and grow capability in a sustainable way.

If you’re uncertain what you could offshore, click here to learn more about what roles are easily offshored and how you can identify potential roles suited to offshoring.

Why should I consider offshore roles?

Using offshore talent allows you to quickly access highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of Australian workers. You could save 70% or more on salaries using offshore team members. This allows you to scale up your capabilities quickly and efficiently.

Consider this: You need a social media adviser to build your online profile. Home grown talent would cost you anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000 a year. Factor in on top of that, payroll, superannuation, training and development, office space, technology, software … the list goes on. Even a consultant that drops in and out of your business comes at a premium. Why pay $80,000 when you can pay $24,000?

Offshoring is also ideal for process intensive tasks like payroll or accounts receivable – or even customer service.

It’s all about how you spend your dollars and getting the biggest bang for your buck. Offshoring can save considerable costs and increase efficiency so you can grow your business and invest in the most important areas. It will allow you to scale up your capabilities and focus on your core business by reinvesting in other areas.

Okay … So this offshoring thing might work for my business. What do I do now?

This is where we can help. Diversify is a premium offshoring service provider based in Australia. We coordinate your offshore or outsourced resources in Metro-Manila in the Philippines. This choice of location has been carefully considered and there are some important reasons for offshoring from here.

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll sit down with you to get our heads around your business. We want to understand it as intimately as you do, from your high level strategic goals and objectives right down to the most detailed processes and procedures.

After we understand your business inside-out, we’ll design an offshore strategy that’s specifically tailored just for you and work beside you to get it up and running. We have a tried and true methodology that we’ve refined over time.

Unlike many offshore providers, we work with our small business owners to ensure their new offshore employees are transitioned smoothly. Once we have worked through the recruitment and on-boarding of your new team members with you, we’ll stick around to ensure your offshore employees are firing on all cylinders. That’s the Diversify difference.

Building a high performance culture

Diversify will completely support your offshore people with everything they need: a great working environment; cutting edge technology; professional development; and a supportive and nurturing culture including staff events all year. We manage all of the operational aspects of your employees, so all you need to do is manage their workflow and workload.

Our people stick around for a long time. They love the Diversify culture and work hard for their overseas employers. By focusing on building a rewarding culture, we have achieved one of the highest retention rates in the offshore industry (97%). This translates to your offshore people staying with you long term; growing a deep understanding of your business; and delivering the outcomes you’re looking for. They’ll become integral, value adding team members. It’s a win, win!

Fee Structure

Diversify charges a one off, monthly fee that includes everything from salary through to benefits and service costs, which is agreed to up front. This keeps things predictable for your budgeting and projections.

Learn more about fees