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Build Your Own Offshore
IT & Development Team

In the era of rapid digital transformation, staying ahead means
accelerating innovation. Dive into a world where local
boundaries fade, giving way to global talent to collaborate with
your team. Through offshoring with Diversify, we will help you
build your own offshore IT and Development team while
maintaining greater managerial control and cost transparency - ensuring that you not only keep pace with digitalisation, but lead the charge

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Offshore IT and Development Roles

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
and Testing

Technical Support And Helpdesk image

Technical Support
and Helpdesk

Offshore software Developer

Offshore Software Developer

Responsible for designing, coding, and modifying software
applications to ensure they run smoothly, meet user requirements,
and deliver desired results. Software developers work with various
programming languages and frameworks such as Java,
Python, .PHP, .NET, JavaScript, and more.

offshore Web Developer

Offshore Web Developer

An expert in designing, building, and maintaining websites.
They specialise in the creation of web pages and web-based
applications. Web developers are skilled in the front-end
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks) and back-end (database
and server management, API integration) aspects of web

offshore mobile app developer

Offshore Mobile App Developer

Specialises in creating software for mobile devices, including
smartphones and tablets. They are skilled in iOS, Android, and
cross-platform mobile app development using tools like Flutter or
React Native.

offshore QA Tester

Offshore QA Tester

Responsible for ensuring the quality and functionality of
software applications. They identify errors or inconsistencies
through systematic testing processes, helping to deliver
efficient products to end-users.

offshore Technical Support and helpdesk

Offshore Technical Support and Helpdesk

Responsible for providing technical assistance to users facing hardware or software issues. They troubleshoot problems, guide users through step-by-step solutions, and ensure optimal system performance and user satisfaction.

Our Clients

We work in partnership with clients globally across a wide range of industries

The Diversify

Our distinctively different approach to offshoring
will enable you to build your own offshore Marketing
and Creatives team with more control and transparency.
Through the support of a dedicated offshore team,
your onshore team will be able to focus on implementing
strategic initiatives that will further drive growth to your business.


More control over your offshore team

You will still be involved in the hiring process and employee training towards your business goals.


Full cost transparency

Our pricing is transparent, detailed, and straightforward. This lets you see the exact value you're getting with our services.


High employee engagement rate

Our annual staff satisfaction survey has run at 92% or more every year since its commencement, 16% more than the industry average.


Specialist in large teams

Scale up your offshore team with ease and on a more cost effective approach, keeping up with the growth of your onshore business.


Global Visibility

Your offshore team brings in diverse perspectives and insights that prepares your business to be globally competitive.

Diversify is a leading ISO certified offshoring services provider committed to operational excellence

ISO 9001
ISO 27001