Outsourcing in the Philippines

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the contracting or subcontracting out of job functions in order to gain competitive advantage. Outsourcing is also known as business process outsourcing (BPO) and has been an attractive business practice over the last few decades.

Outsourcing Advantages

The main advantage of outsourcing is reduced average unit cost. Average unit cost is the cost incurred for producing a unit of goods or services. Since functions are contracted out, this reduces overhead costs related to functions that would have been hard or costly to develop and maintain. The savings derived from outsourcing can then be used for other business needs.

Why Outsourcing to the Philippines

For nearly 20 years, the Philippines has cultivated a business landscape where the BPO industry can thrive. The country is able to service all types of functions for a wide range of industries. Many major companies from Australia, Canada and the United States consider the Philippines a second home for their business because of this. Here are some reasons why the Philippines is the best country to outsource:

Low Costs

Labour costs are 50-70% lower than local counterparts.

Cultural Compatibility

Strong western influence with English as the primary language for business.

Robust Workforce

Thousands of ready workers. Roles and functions are limitless.

Digital Connectivity

Growing digital economy that utilizes cutting-edge technology.

Philippine Outsourcing at a glance

The Philippine BPO industry started around 1992. In the two decades since, it has become the second biggest contributor the Philippines’ GDP. Over the last 10 years, it has experienced a growth in the excess of 25%. In 2016, it generated 1.3 million new jobs in the Philippines with 17% annual growth.

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Outsourcing Roles

With barriers to communication being broken down by technology, it is becoming more and more possible to outsource roles that traditionally had to be sourced locally. Here are some roles that you can choose to outsource:

  • Tina
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Kenneth
  • Diane
    Customer Service Representative
  • Jan
    Web Developer
  • Lemuel
  • Henry
    Virtual Assistant

Outsource Today

Diversify Offshore Staffing Solutions is a premium, full-service outsourcing company in the Philippines, offering end-to-end solutions that allow your business to make extraordinary gains – whatever its size. We will provide all the operational support you need to get your outsourced team up and running and, importantly, ensure it runs like a well-oiled machine.

For a detailed description of how our tailored approach works, get in touch to discuss how Diversify could help your business.

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