We help businesses build engaged, high-performance teams offshore. At Diversify, we partner with you to design a customised outsourcing strategy that will help you achieve your unique and specific business goals smarter and faster. We deliver our distinctively different approach to outsourcing with two solutions:


DiversifyCore is a premium office-based approach to outsourcing. Your team will come in to work at one of our three purpose-built facilities located in Bonifacio Global City.


DiversifyRemote is a premium work from home approach to outsourcing. Your offshore team will work out of their homes using our MyDiversify software portal, underpinned by our market-leading remote workspace set-up.

Both these approaches enable us to build high-performing, highly engaged offshore teams for our clients. Each approach has its own unique set of strategies and hallmarks that maximize productivity and efficiency based on their current setup. What’s more, clients can also create a blend of both approaches to suit their particular objectives.

We will partner with you to customise an outsourcing strategy that will allow you to achieve your specific goals. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. But we do believe that businesses thrive with good people and strong relationships.