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Organisational chart review and identification of roles suitable to be offshored. These are usually roles into an offshoring rollout plan which is staged. Stage one are roles easily offshored and will usually include a pilot program. Stage 2 is more complex roles appropriate to be offshored once the teething issues have been worked for and things are working smoothly – it is often at this stage that customer facing activities can be included. Stage 3 is the more complex and often more senior roles which can really only be offshored once things are working very well and there is a high level of organisational buy in for the strategy.

Once the offshoring plan has been developed PDs are developed for the offshore roles and they are costed. A financial analysis can then be undertaken of the likely savings to be achieved.
The finalised plan is then converted into a project plan with pre-agreed milestones and roll out time frames.

As part of the project planning a review should be undertaken of each process that is being offshored. The process should be re-engineered to ensure it is as efficient as possible, will work in an offshore environment and takes advantage of any facilitating software or automation which is available. Once processes have been re-engineered they should be documented.

Diversify can assist and guide the client through these steps.


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