We want our offshore teams to love coming into the office every day. We’ve put a lot of time and thought into creating innovative work spaces that facilitate team collaboration and communication, stimulate creativity and focus, and nurture our offshore teams’ overall health and well being.

A Great Place to Work

Each of our offices are equipped with advanced infrastructure and modern amenities to ensure our offshore teams remain healthy and happy at work. Our facilities include state-of-the-art IT capabilities, GDPR and HIPAA compliant areas for sensitive data protection, excellent conference and training rooms, as well as interactive break-out areas, staff pantries stocked with complimentary healthy snacks, and wellness rooms offering staff access to registered nurses and health professionals.

Our engaging offshore work environments have helped us create a strong culture of belonging, innovation and understanding. So, we don’t mind boasting that we achieve industry-high employee annual retention rates of more than 98% for back-office staff and more than 90% for customer service roles. We know that happy employees are productive employees. And making them happy, makes us happy.

Your Choice of 3 CBD Offices

Not all buildings are created equal – which is why Diversify has gone to great lengths to create work spaces that not only enable our offshore teams to do their best work, but also guarantee employee safety and business continuity.

Each of our three purpose-built offices are all  earthquake-resistant class A buildings, installed with emergency back-up power and self-contained water systems to provide infrastructure redundancy. While leading edge HVAC and technology systems ensure global health and safety standards are rigorously maintained.

All of our offices are located at Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines, Manila’s leading business district and highly successful offshoring location, which attracts high-quality talent with its easy transport options and access to the city’s vibrant cafes, parks and retail offerings.

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