We help public companies embrace the power of offshore workforces to deliver true shareholder value!

It’s no secret that large multi-national corporates have been realising the power of offshore workforces for many years. As geographical borders are broken down via advances in digital communication technologies, leveraging highly-skilled offshore teams has never been more accessible.

Offshore teams can assist public companies to drive down operational costs, centralise process and functions, enhance competitiveness on a global stage, reduce the costs of doing business and empower local team members.

As the global market place continues to evolve and competition increase, accessing the global talent pool is becoming a key component of any large organisation’s strategy. Diversify can assist large, complex organisations in implementing and managing successful offshore solutions.

We understand public companies

Implementing offshore teams into public companies can be challenging. With the added challenges and complexity brought on by external shareholders and broader market perception, managing change is paramount when considering an offshore approach.

Additionally, with many layers within the organisation and the potential for many employees to be impacted, understanding and considering the implications of an offshore strategy is critical.

Diversify has proven experience in assisting listed entities with implementing and running successful offshore programs. We understand and appreciate the challenges and provide an extensive range of services to guide organisations through aspects including:

  • The external key stakeholder communications strategy
  • The broader public relations communications and reputation management strategy
  • Internal change management protocols
  • Attaining buy-in at board level

We have experience in working with our clients and their Public Relations functions to develop and implement these strategies.

We also assist organisations in navigating many potential conflicts from internal and external stakeholder groups. We understand the implications that come with offshore teams and support large and complex organisations to navigate these – from getting buy-in at the board level through to reputation management.

Managing stakeholder acceptance

Managing change within a large and complex listed company can be fraught with danger. Understanding the impacts on stakeholders, at all levels – from the C-suite to front line employees and customers is critical.

Diversify Offshore Staffing Solutions has extensive experience in assisting listed companies in managing the impacts brought on by leveraging an offshore workforce. We’ve assisted many listed entities in effectively managing stakeholder acceptance and guiding them through the full offshore implementation process – from concept testing through to management of their offshore team.

Getting it right from the outset is imperative, and this means getting buy-in at the board level.

Buy in at a board level is important for a public company in light of the potential publicity that might be generated by offshoring of roles and the varying views that might be held about that amongst key stakeholder groups. The last thing a listed company needs is a shareholders activist group agitating perceived negatives from an offshoring strategy.

Part of preparing the PR strategy will include making sure that key management staff are properly briefed on the offshoring plans. The briefing should include key research into the effects of offshoring, which typically show it is likely to increase local employment, albeit with different and often new roles. This preparation will enable management to quickly and appropriately respond to any questions which arise during the offshore rollout whether they be from staff, suppliers or elsewhere.

The right staff for your business

As a tailored business efficiency solution, offshoring is all about finding skilled, professional staff to support your business objectives. There are numerous roles your organisation could base in an offshore team.

From trained accountants, accounts payable and receivable roles through to digital marketing, graphic design, social media management, and even web development; there is an offshore option for virtually any back-office requirement.

If you’re aiming to optimise operational efficiency, why not consider replacing process intensive tasks with offshore employees? Functions like client service or accounts focused roles are ideal for offshoring.

Are you seeking to expand your business profile within your market segment? Functions like social media, graphic design and digital marketing that contribute to profile building and creating dialogue with your customers can all be incorporated in an offshore team.

There are no restrictions to the size of your offshore team. Start with one function and then build according to your company’s appetite for change. The additional capacity created through offshoring will enable your business to focus on the things that matter most.

If you want to learn more about the types of roles that are easily offshored and how you can identify potential roles suited to offshoring, click here for a comprehensive list.

Fee Structure

Diversify charges a one off, monthly fee that includes everything from salary through to benefits and service costs, which is agreed to up front. This keeps things predictable for your budgeting and projections.

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