Our Approach

Diversify is a premium offshoring service provider based in Australia, with offshore specialists based in Metro-Manila in the Philippines. We work beside you in partnership to understand your business as intimately as you do so we can design an offshore strategy that’s specifically tailored just for you. We’ll coordinate the recruitment and onboarding of your new team members, help you integrate them as part of your business. We’ll make sure your team continues to operate like clockwork, so you continue to achieve your long-term business goals.

What makes us stand out

The Diversify difference is our integrated approach. We believe that using offshore resources is more than just transplanting a business function to another team of people. We help businesses of all sizes identify and solve their unique problems for long-term outcomes. We’ve built our reputation on the ability to nurture and foster high-quality, high-performance teams for our clients. Our approach is underpinned by a culture of belonging, innovation and understanding.

We’re Offshoring Specialists

We made a purposeful choice to specialise in offshoring – not outsourcing. There is a very clear distinction between the two approaches. We were born of a desire to empower organisations through cost-effective, sustainable workforce solutions. We believe that offshoring provides the platform to deliver integrated solutions that bring like-minded businesses and teams together to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Ours is an ethical, responsible and sustainable approach to staff engagement and management.

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Our values

Our values are what guide us in how we conduct ourselves every day. We love to work with like-minded people who align with our values and share our enthusiasm for solving problems creatively.


The most solid relationships are built on mutual respect. We love working collaboratively towards an agreed outcome with people and businesses with whom we align ethically and philosophically.


Diversify’s frontline teams – your dedicated offshore workforce – are recruited for their passion. We find motivated, driven people who love what they do to deliver the outcomes your business needs.


We have created a culture of belonging, innovation and understanding. We bring together the right people – in our management teams and frontline workforce – so that your business and your people can reach their potential.


Choosing to offshore with Diversify is a decision to enter into a partnership. Together we build an enduring alliance that will add value to your business and deliver on your goals.


Diversify prides itself on service delivery excellence. We want our clients to experience an unparalleled level of service delivery in the execution of agreed goals and objectives.

Increase profitability

Increase profitability

Offshoring = savings = profitability = success
You can employ Filipino staff for the most routine or the most complex tasks in your business for less cost than you think.

We are experts at identifying the tasks in your business that lend themselves to offshoring. This means you can free up in-house staff to focus on core competencies like client engagement or business development.

Be competitive

Be competitive

In today’s global marketplace, location is no barrier to business, and being connected is easier than ever before. Even the smallest company can find markets anywhere on the planet.

Our experience shows that that offshoring can help your business gain a competitive edge in the market. Some of our clients have left their competitors in the dust with the savings and benefits realised through offshoring.

Gain flexibility

Gain flexibility

Life has never been so busy. If being ‘on’ 24/7 is becoming overwhelming, it’s time to talk to us about turning that overwhelm into flexibility. We can help you add capacity to your team to deal with everything from the day-to-day tasks that pull you away from your ‘real’ business, to adding extra staff in times of peak load or for one-off projects.

Join the digital revolution

Join the digital revolution

We all travel the information superhighway. It brings together technology, processes and people in ways that have never before been possible. You can leverage our best-practice experience to build your global team quickly, efficiently, and get it right from the start. We’ll connect you with the right digital technologies to deliver offshore success.

Location is everything

As a premium provider of leading offshore solutions, the right location is essential. That’s why we’ve established two office locations within the Philippines’ Metro-Manila district. With advanced infrastructure and amenities, a stable and growing economy, and proven track record as a successful location for offshoring, the advantages are numerous. Best of all, it gives us (and you) access to the best talent for your business.

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6 steps to building your global workforce

So, you’re considering boosting your capability with an offshore team. You understand the benefits that a global workforce can deliver but you’re not quite sure how to make it happen. Implementing and managing a successful offshore team takes meticulous planning and a proven approach. We’ve mapped out the eight key steps you need to consider if your business is going to achieve offshore success.

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