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Learn how to leverage the global labour workforce and enhance your capabilities, increase your capacity and empower your local team to reach new levels of competitiveness.

The Art of Offshoring

An educational guide aimed at enhancing your understanding and how it can add value to your business. This guide will take you right from the initial differences between offshoring and outsourcing through to implementing and managing your team!

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6 Steps to build your global workforce

Building an offshore workforce can be a daunting process. With this easy to follow infographic, you’ll build a quick initial understanding of what’s involved and how you can start the process.

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Art of Offshoring Webinar Series

In our educational webinar series, an offshoring expert will talk you through our educational guide, The Art of Offshoring. With clear and concise webinar sessions aimed at improving your offshore IQ, you’ll be ready to offshore in no time.

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Your offshore strategy discussion

During your Offshore Strategy Discussion, our Sales Director will talk to you about your business objectives and how offshoring can assist in achieving them.