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Build Your Own Offshore
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We believe that true innovation and creativity can be achieved by
tapping into the vast pool of global talent. That’s why we offer you
the opportunity to build your very own offshore digital marketing team,
tailored to your unique style and brand identity. By setting up your
own offshore digital marketing and creatives team, your business can tap into a global talent
pool, operate across multiple time zones, and potentially save costs of up to 70%. This
enables you to easily scale your business and accelerate growth.

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Offshore Digital Marketing Roles

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Social Media Marketing

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Search Engine
Marketing (SEM)

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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

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Copywriting and
Content Marketing

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Offshore Digital Marketing Specialist

Offshore Digital Marketing Specialist

Average monthly salary starts at USD$ 1200 per month

A digital marketing specialist handles the implementation and
development of digital marketing strategies for your business.
They manage online advertising campaigns, optimize website
content, conduct keyword research, and leverage various digital
platforms to drive brand awareness and lead generation.

offshore Google Ads Specialist

Offshore Google Ads Specialist

Average monthly salary starts at USD$ 1100 per month

A Google Ad Specialist manages and optimizes Google Ads
campaigns. They conduct keyword research, create engaging
ads, analyse performance metrics, and implement data-driven
optimisations to maximise campaign effectiveness and meet
marketing goals. Their expertise in leveraging Google Ads’
advertising capabilities enables them to identify opportunities
and strategies to stay competitive in the market.

offshore Content Writer

Offshore SEO Specialist

Average monthly salary starts at USD$ 865 per month

An SEO specialist focuses on optimizing website structure and
content to improve organic search engine rankings. They
conduct keyword research, analyze SEO performance metrics,
and implement optimization strategies to drive organic traffic
and improve search visibility.

offshore SEO specilist

Offshore Content Writer

Average monthly salary starts at USD$ 860 per month

The role of a content writer is to create informative yet engaging
content for websites, social media, and other marketing platforms.
They conduct research, develop content strategies, and optimize
content for search engines. Content writers are skilled in writing
engaging copies and blurbs that resonate with the target audience.

offshore Graphic Designer

Offshore Graphic Designer

Average monthly salary starts at USD$ 1100 per month

A graphic designer is a visual storyteller, creating appealing and
impactful designs for a range of marketing collaterals like websites,
social media posts, and other branding materials. They are
equipped with a solid understanding of design principles, color
theory, and layout composition to communicate your brand message through eye-catching unique graphics

offshore Email Marketing Specialist

Offshore Email Marketing Specialist

Average monthly salary starts at USD$ 1000 per month

An email marketing specialist develops and implements email
marketing campaigns to nurture leads and engage your
existing client base. Their first step is developing and
optimizing email marketing strategies that drive open rates
and conversions. Through this, they create compelling email
content, design email templates, segment target audiences,
and analyze campaign performance by monitoring email bounce rates.

Our Clients

We work in partnership with clients globally across a wide range of industries

The Diversify

Our distinctively different approach to offshoring
will enable you to build your own offshore Marketing
and Creatives team with more control and transparency.
Through the support of a dedicated offshore team,
your onshore team will be able to focus on implementing
strategic initiatives that will further drive growth to your business.


More control over your offshore team

You will still be involved in the hiring process and employee training towards your business goals.


Full cost transparency

Our pricing is transparent, detailed, and straightforward. This lets you see the exact value you're getting with our services.


High employee engagement rate

Our annual staff satisfaction survey has run at 92% or more every year since its commencement, 16% more than the industry average.


Specialist in large teams

Scale up your offshore team with ease and on a more cost-effective approach, keeping up with the growth of your onshore business.


Global Visibility

Your offshore team brings in diverse perspectives and insights that prepares your business to be globally competitive.

Diversify is a leading ISO certified offshoring services provider committed to operational excellence

ISO 9001
ISO 27001