Olympus: Diversify Year-End Party 2022

23 Dec 2022

2022 was a year of turning points and milestones for us here at Diversify. We welcomed both nostalgia and innovation as the months went on. But through it all, we cherish our teams who make this company a joy to work in. Which is why it is always such a thrill to host Diversify’s annual Year-End Party.

This year’s Year-End-Party was Greek Gods and Goddesses themed.

The last month of the year calls for a grand celebration, and we made sure to double the fun. We held our annual Year-End Party (better known as YEP) at two different locations for the first time ever. Being the first YEP in Cebu, we made sure that it was one for the books. After all, the only way to end 2022 is with the same people who made Diversify’s accomplishments possible.

At Last, We Party in Style

We saw an abundance of new and exciting developments over the past twelve months. We finally opened our first site outside of Manila in Cebu. Additionally, Diversify celebrated 10 years of Operation Excellence; a feat built and flourished by our beloved staff. But what this means is that we now have more than one way to celebrate the year’s biggest event; and 10 years of experience doing so.

This 2022, we saw a return to office for some of our teams. While this meant new challenges it also gave way for an opportunity to create new memories.  As most of you know, our last in-person YEP was back in 2019. You can only imagine the spirit of celebration and togetherness bottled up inside of our team for the past two years. This was also a long-awaited event for the staff hired during the pandemic to finally get to experience the Diversify culture like never before. And in true Diversify fashion, this YEP was one to remember because this year, we celebrated like gods!

This year we celebrated the first YEP in Cebu!

This year’s theme was Olympus with Gods and Goddesses, so we showed the night how Diversify can crank up the party like an Olympian. This year’s YEP was held in the Marquis Events Place for Manila and Waterfront Hotel and Casino for Cebu. They were decorated by our teams with godly Grecian elements alongside the gold and blue accents. It truly felt like we were up in the heavens.

Dress for the Gods and Goddesses, to The Nines!

In both the Cebu and Manila YEP, our staff were dressed in their best Greek gods and goddesses inspired outfits. They came in with elaborate costumes from the simply elegant flowing gowns to the show-stopping elaborate Grecian headdresses. Some of us wondered how they managed to stay upright throughout the entire event; but everything in the name of fashion as they say.

Manila YEP’s Goddess of the Night sporting her fabulous costume.

As per Diversify tradition, we held our annual YEP costume contest that showcases the Diversify culture of creativity! That evening, we awarded the best dressed folks who wowed the crowd during both nights.

YEP Cebu’s God of the Night in full armor, ready to go!

We saw a gladiator-style armor with matching hammer to boot take home the God of the Night at the Cebu party, a man of gold. While the Manila party bestowed the title of Goddess of the Night to an ethereal goddess sporting a blue and pearl look; the magical staff was a bonus point!

Year-End Performances atop Olympus

It wouldn’t be a YEP without the performances that take the stage by storm every year. It’s always incredible to see how each team puts on their show through well-crafted props and choreography. So, with a two-year break for the YEP performances, you could feel the anticipation in the air as each of the performers walked up the stage.

Dazzling performance from Cebu’s very own Olympians Rising

The energy was electric with every performance, which made selecting the best performers for each night all the more difficult. We could not forget the melodic vocal stylings from YEP Cebu’s very own Olympians Rising because seeing a warrior in full armor belt out The Greatest Show through full choreography. Meanwhile, the Manila YEP showcasing spectacular props choreography was truly a highlight of their night.

Recognizing Excellence 

As with every Year-End Party, Diversify honored the staff who have been lovingly dedicated to the company. With a previous record of 15 service awardees, this year we honored a total of 42 amazing staff members who have been with Diversify for the past five years. We also took the time to congratulate a very special team member who has been with us from the very beginning. In the 10 years that Diversify has been operating, we were proud to honor on stage every valuable person in our staff who have paved the path for over five years.

Congratulations to the Service Awardees for 2022!

Each service awardee stood up on stage and proudly displayed their trophy, a physical symbol of their hard work for the company. As the night went on, we continued to thank and celebrate the accomplishments of not only Diversify, but the people who have been with us along the way.

Signing Off 2022 through the Year-End Party

With that, we’ll be signing off from 2022. It’s been an absolute pleasure going through the ups and downs of the year’s events with all of you. While it has been quite a wild ride, we cannot wait to see what 2023 will bring. The 2022 YEP celebrations were  one for the record books, and we sincerely hope everyone who joined in had an absolute blast. If you missed the party or want to relive some of the memories, we got the latest highlights from our Cebu party and our Manila party over at our Diversify Facebook page.

Once again, from all of us at Diversify, we cannot wait to see what 2023 will bring. But while we’re still in this year, let’s enjoy the fruits of our labor and celebrate our victories. We’ll see all of you at the next Year-End Party!