Why Work with A Full-Time Digital Marketer

16 Jun 2023

A business’ trajectory in today’s digital landscape can be greatly influenced by a full-time digital marketer. These professionals possess the expertise to create and strengthen your online presence by leveraging various platforms at their disposal. They function as a sculptor in the digital space, utilising the internet as their blank canvas and their knowledge of online market trends as their toolkit. Their objective is to reach audiences, including those in niche markets that may be overlooked by traditional outlets. In essence, they know the significance of connecting with consumers and how to attract them, ultimately fostering customer loyalty.

Full-Time Digital Marketers Spotlight a Business

Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur operating a start-up from your home, you are all connected to the same audience online. The Internet serves as a global community that anyone can access. You could say that all businesses are on equal footing online, but a stellar Digital Marketer is what sets you apart and puts you on the map. Think about the ads you’ve seen for independent or medium-sized businesses in your area. Through targeted campaigns, they can attract the same audiences that large businesses do. 

This is where digital marketers can shine. They have the ability to draw attention to your company and cultivate an audience for you. Whether it’s through social media, online ads, or compelling website content, digital marketers play an important role in raising brand awareness and promoting businesses to a wide audience.

The Influence of Digital Marketers

The primary responsibility of digital marketers is to ensure that their business stays relevant in a dynamic and competitive landscape. Regardless of the industry, businesses need to stay visible and adaptable to trends in order to stay ahead, whether they are a global corporation or small and emerging companies. Digital marketers possess a comprehensive understanding of what these trends are and how they can shape an effective approach to reach a wide and engaged audience.

Now, let’s take a step back and examine traditional marketing practices. Traditionally, marketing efforts focused on attracting potential customers and putting eyes on a product. Marketers achieved this through strategic campaign strategies, creating eye-catching visuals, and managing expectations to build a satisfied customer base. If you take these principles and apply them to the digital space, the fundamentals remain largely the same. The key difference is that being online provides access to a larger target market, which requires very strategic approaches to effectively engage with and capture the attention of this expanded audience.

Digital Marketers know how to make striking graphics for digital audiences.

Additionally, digital marketers recognize the significance of enhancing website visibility and utilising Pay-Per-Click advertising. They understand the immense impact that a well optimised and fully functional website can have on a business, and what it means to show up on the first page of search results. Being visible on the first page of search engine results is highly coveted, as it significantly increases the chances of attracting organic traffic and potential customers. Their expertise in the online space sets them apart from traditional marketers who may not have the same level of familiarity or grasp of these concepts.

By leveraging their knowledge and skill set, digital marketers effectively position businesses to maximise their online presence and leverage the digital landscape to its full potential.

How Can a Full-Time Digital Marketer Help?

With more and more people going online, having a dedicated digital marketer can help your business take advantage of the online space. This can be done (but greatly not limited) to two concrete avenues: social media and the company’s website.

Social Media and SEO: The Digital Marketer’s Bread and Butter

A company’s brand and reputation are greatly amplified on platforms like social media. These platforms help digital marketers attract more traffic to any business with the content they promote, and they also facilitate the development of solid relationships with your target audience, which can lead to a much wider reach. Therefore, SEO and social media are the foundations of digital marketing.

Digital Marketers connect you with your customers through online platforms.

When customers search for the services your business offers, it is natural to aspire to be at the top of the search results. Strategic content writing, also known as search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that you are positioned where you need to be. Digital marketers understand how to maximise and optimise your website content to make it more discoverable by search engines. 

Similarly, this applies to social media. At its core, a business’s social media platforms help raise its online visibility. These platforms serve as channels where customers interact with them, answer questions or receive feedback. In addition, social media helps shape your image as a brand for others. Regular posts and interactions can have a positive influence on people who see that you care for them. 

Hiring a Digital Marketer: Freelance or Full Time?

As mentioned earlier, keeping up with current trends is a crucial factor in being a successful business online. Many successful companies today have a strong online presence that makes them easily searchable for anyone that needs them. As the online space continues to get bigger, standing out with this online presence has become more important than ever. Luckily, the digital marketers who can help businesses realise this are just around the corner.

Cultivating a professional relationship with your Digital Marketer is more beneficial in the long run. They’ll be with you as your business grows, with a holistic understanding of your brand. Compared to a freelancer who takes on multiple projects, a full-time Digital marketer immerses themselves with your brand identity, lending you more focus and control. 

You may look towards offshoring a Digital Marketer, which combines the cost-effectiveness of a freelancer, with the immersion and commitment of a full-time team member. An offshore Digital Marketer will give your company a solid marketing foundation, where you’re free to focus on core business functions while still establishing an engaging online presence without worry.