Why Offshoring Is Like Eating Ice Cream

3 Oct 2016

Whether as a child or as an adult, eating ice cream has always been something to look forward to. People, regardless of their age, find simple joys in those short moments having it especially during summers, as a dessert after meals or as go-to “comfort food.”

So what does it have in common with offshoring?

When you think about it, eating ice cream has many similarities to choosing the best offshoring provider for your company. For one, there are different flavours that many may not be aware of like wasabi or salted caramel. For people that love these particular flavours, they often want to recommend that others try it to dispel preconceived notions about it (“Why would ANYONE want to put salt in their ice cream?”).

In the same way, there are people that may not be aware of the benefits offshoring brings and have only some initial views of it that may be negative. Companies that have adopted offshoring want to let others know how beneficial it can be for them, especially in the long run.

The similarities don’t end there as well.

There are many different flavours to choose from

There are different flavours of ice cream that you can try. There are some big name brands you can choose flavours from or you can get ice cream from a smaller, more local outlet. Just like selecting your preferred flavour, there are many different offshoring providers that you can choose from. Each of them provides different roles and functions for your company.

Ask yourself what you want

When you’re about to buy ice cream, you ask yourself questions like “Do I want my choice to go with anything else?” or “Am I in the mood for something fancy like Rocky Road or do I just want simple like plain vanilla?”

The same works for offshoring. What your business is looking to get accomplished will also depend on the offshoring provider you need. If your company requires plenty of back office functions that need to be offshored, it is encouraged that you seek out more complete providers rather than cheap ones.

There is always a preferred spot to go to for ice cream

You make it a point to always go to your favourite spot for ice cream even if there are other places that offer the same flavour. Maybe you get along with staff that serves you and often want to engage in conversation with them. You may also find a particular location much closer to you than other branches, making it more convenient and accessible to you.

This is why location matters in offshoring. Even if you manage to choose a provider that offers the functions that you need, it is also essential to note where they are based as they can be a much better option for you. Offshore staff in the Philippines for instance are very articulate English speakers compared to other countries and are much easier to get a hold of due to minimal time zone differences.

It doesn’t matter if you want ice cream in a cup or cone. Everyone can have it

Historically, ice cream was once considered a very costly dessert that only wealthy people could have. By the early 20th century however, ice cream became less expensive and was starting to be sold by street vendors and at fairs. With the advent of cones sometime in the 1920s, ice cream became a very accessible dessert to more people. While there were still those that preferred to have it in a dish or cup rather than a cone, ice cream was now no longer limited to just being eaten on one platform by a select group of people.

One of the biggest concerns people have about offshoring is its cost and that it is only something that bigger, more established companies can afford. While this was true for awhile, current technologies and faster Internet speeds have made it possible for small and medium business owners to make offshoring work for their company. No longer limited to just big businesses, offshoring can now be embraced by any business of size in the world.

Premium ice cream is available too

Of course, if you’re looking for something that will provide you with the biggest satisfaction, ice cream companies have different premium flavours available. While they may cost more than average or cheaper ice cream, you know that what you are paying for an extra “kick” or richness in flavour that these companies want to guarantee you will have.

Diversify is an offshoring company that is just like a premium ice cream flavour. We’re not content with providing you just average services or very basic staff members. We want our clients to be highly satisfied with the services we offer. With a premium standard that great, it means we are committed to hiring the best and brightest for your offshoring staff and offering top quality services at the best rates. If these are the services that you want out of an offshoring company, feel free to reach out to us so we can help you get started.