Why Graphic Designers are Essential

20 Feb 2023

Creativity should never leave a business list of priorities. Strong graphic pieces that go with company material give a lasting impression to any audience; it is the easiest way to connect with any consumer. The essential nature of graphic designers to any good company shouldn’t be a secret. After all, graphic designers give them a competitive edge.

From Coca-Cola to Apple, successful businesses use creativity and proper aesthetics to their advantage. It’s because they understand that it goes beyond making pretty graphics. Most associate graphic designers with the advertising industry, when in reality, it’s a job for any business. Good graphic designers are essential in showcasing a visual identity, communicating effectively, and speaking to a target audience. 

But concretely speaking, what can graphic designers do for a business?

Cohesive Aesthetic

Branding is everything. With a sea of competitors, businesses can get lost and fade from the mind of customers. Without it, there would be no recognizable aesthetics that give them a face. It acts as the visual personality of a company taken from their culture.

Which is why we can easily recognize businesses based on their brand. When we say, “smart phone,” it could be anything. But when we say, “Apple products,” it signals a high-tech lifestyle because you connect the name with an idea. 

According to Pauline Brown, to keep customers engaged, companies need aesthetic intelligence – or taste. Advertising does not drive engagement the same way as it did before. To keep customers happy – to keep them “delighted” – brand designs need to be pleasing to better communicate a business’ personality.

What the Graphic Designers can do: 

Logo. A good logo is the cornerstone of a brand’s visual identity. This sets the tone for any business, and whether or not a customer will become interested enough to pay attention. So, they can be used by companies as an advantage. Logos on merchandise like keychains, hats, and stickers are effective as marketing materials customers can use every day.

Website Assets. A company’s website is the hub that will turn people from visitors to customers. Elements that work well together and ease of use throughout a website presents a company that is consistent in delivering quality.

Effective Communication

In this era of short-form content, effective graphic design means content that is easy on the eyes. We only see posters briefly on our way to work or scroll through public materials on social media. In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, businesses need to know how to present their business in a way that is good “food for the eyes“.

To relay information, businesses need copies. But the visuals of promotional material are what initially catches the customers’ attention. Materials with visuals are 43% more persuasive, which is not surprising as we are inherently visual learners. If a business wants to lay out what they can offer, graphic designers are essential in making visuals to accompany advertising copies.

What the Graphic Designers can do:

Presentation Slides. Whether you’re using them for meetings or webinars, a presentation needs to have a good layout with no clutter. Graphic designers specialize in laying out information neatly in a single material to better display information. Like presenting a process or data-driven information through concrete organized visuals.

Well-made public materials give information while people are on the go.

Publication Materials. Flyers! Billboards! Posters! Brochures! All of which are marketing materials with one purpose: to promote an item or company in a public place. They need to be eye-catching to keep attention, but also display a good number of texts to relay information. The graphic designer sweet spot!

Social Media Promotion. Social media platforms are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Engaging brand awareness that allows a better connection with an audience. But, as a fast-paced environment, the digital space is reliant on visuals more than texts. Through graphic designers, businesses can have timely attractive posts and brand recognizable banners that can give continuous promotion online. 

Target Audience

Different designs speak for different people. So, with a diverse range of audiences in every market, it’s important to know which ones are yours. It’s a critical first step, and not doing so can make or break a new company. But identifying them is one thing, knowing how to present a product/service to them is another. Good graphic designers create appealing graphics that catch the attention of both niche and mainstream audiences. Colorful tones for a younger demographic? Pink and floral imagery for feminine people? They have this covered. 

Additionally, they know what type of material works best on which platform. Social media not only shifts constantly but also appeals to different demographics.

Tiktok is popular among ages 18-24 (39.91%) but is unpopular with users aged 45-54 (1.67%) worldwide. Which is why it’s important to know what type of materials work on which platform because it will be a completely different group of people. It pays to have a dedicated and versatile teammate like a graphic designer to make sure that a brand is marketed to the right customers effectively. 

What the Graphic Designers can do:

Creative Briefs. Graphic designers are not limited to just editing. With a keen eye for design, can help in writing creative briefs for campaigns. Companies will have someone that keeps a close eye on aesthetic unity in relation to their target audience. Graphic designers are also essential since they have a working understanding of how long designs and outputs take.

Company colors reflected in marketing materials strengthen brand identity.

Color Theory. The use of colors has been studied closely as a partnership between design and psychology. All colors, according to studies, can be associated with an emotion. Therefore, good use of these colors will likely impact the right audiences.

Setting the Tone

The quickest way to answer the question on why graphic designers are essential is that they set the right “vibe”. They are the first introduction and impression with customers. A good use of visual communication and knowledge of how design impacts audience perception. So, you can never go wrong with a good graphic designer. You can say that graphic designers make a business livelier.