Web Development Trends to look out for in 2024

5 Feb 2024

From AI’s constant improvement to content management systems (CMS) being the go-to for businesses. It is always encouraged that web developers be on their toes when faced with new trends in the industry. In this article, we’ll give you a glimpse of the web development trends that will be the talk of the town this 2024.

To give us insights on the matter, we asked Salustiano Gonzales, Diversify’s resident expert in Digital Systems Automations. Today, he gives us a look at emerging trends in the digital space, and how they will benefit businesses in the future.

AI Presence in Web Development

Last year, there was a recent boom in Artificial Intelligence and it has made its way into web development. It made a significant impact to Content Management Systems (CMS) with some of its integrations include, optimised search where users can find information instantly, and AI-powered algorithms suggest relevant content based on their searches. Another use for AI this past year is the image processing AI. From fixing photos to creating them, becoming a marketing staple for speed, personalization, and unique visuals.

It may seem new, but the BPO industry has used Artificial Intelligence, this web development trend existed in simpler forms like automation or Business Process Management to optimise workflow. However, Salustiano believes that in 2024 “AI [will continue] to play a significant role in every industry.” The previous year has become a strong stepping point for AI to be fully realised onto mainstream use. From task management tools to “Chatbots”, AI integration in businesses was undeniable. It even touched points in the advertising industry, where AI is used to tailor-fit digital advertising. 

AI’s Presence continues to flourish

Under consistent innovation, and collaboration with human input, AI has become an integral part of the digital field and one of the improving web development trends in 2024. Salustiano shares that, “AI’s implementations optimise most processes, dashboards, and metrics and it helps increase overall productivity.

This year, it is expected that AI will improve further and open more automated processes to help with management operations to save time on redundant tasks. It is something to look forward to especially with the technology constantly evolving and implementing new features. Businesses should also keep in mind that AI flourishes alongside human input to avoid errors – it is always support, not reliance. For now, AI is here and it will be sticking around for a while to assist and collaborate with people on their daily needs. 

Aesthetics in Efficient Functionality

Another possible trend to look out for is the rise of Single-Page Applications. It has been a web development approach as early as 2006, and has been a preference for seamless website browsing up to this date. Many successful platforms like social media platforms, Google Maps, Netflix, and Pinterest use SPAs for their fast, seamless user experience. 

In 2023, websites with AI integration were on the rise because of the efficiency and cost savings that Artificial Intelligence offers with its use. This year, developers are looking into concepts of how to integrate AI into Single-Page applications. There are many ways for AI to be integrated on SPAs, one of its examples is coding assistance. While AI is currently capable of coding a website, this autonomy doesn’t negate the need for human intervention. Developers can easily build on the foundation of the SPA’s main code without having to spend hours on its build. 

On the other hand, AI is also on the works on implementing a Dynamic Content Personalisation for users to have more control over the content they see in your website. This is a special feature that connects users to the content that they want to see when visiting the website. The AI studies the user’s preferences based on their browsing activity and then sets up related content like ads, videos, and images that would best match what the user is looking for. Integrating this into SPAs seamless look and feel can really make the user experience much more efficient.

These are just some examples of how AI can be incorporated into Single page Applications, but always keep in mind that human intervention is needed in order to be able to integrate and unlock the potential of these features. 

Web pages are much more seamless

Salustiano says thatSingle Page Applications will likely gain more attention in 2024.” as it proved itself to be much more efficient for users. Let’s go through the benefits of SPAs one by one:

  • Faster browsing. Thanks to the nature of SPAs, website interactions are seamless, and loading times are faster.
  • Single Codebase. This streamlines bug fixing and identification, leading to smoother website maintenance. 
  • Offline Data Storage. Users can finish tasks even without an internet connection!
  • Flexible aesthetic. Web designers can add visual elements and features easily.
  • Ease of Access. Mobile users can navigate through different sections without page breaks through an intuitive website flow. 
  • Swift Customer Support. Without website load delays, customer support can assist users without massive wait times on both ends. 

There’s a lot that can go into implementation, but the payoff is worth it. Luckily, you can have a great offshore team to help you through it.

The Rise of a Decentralised Web 

The concept of Web Decentralisation has been long in development for many years. Decentralisation revolves around a group of private networks that work together to securely store information and services. This web development trend became an efficient system in 2024. It provided access to multiple entities. It also optimised resource allocation and utilisation, leading to reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs. Salustiano expects this concept to soon be explored and implementedIt is only a matter of time before industries adapt decentralisation into the business structure.he says. It gives businesses more autonomy and control over their data and operations, reducing dependence on third-party platforms and their potential vulnerabilities.

Connecting through Decentralisation

The system opens opportunities for your web development team to learn effective security systems in websites, especially ones that hold user information. It also facilitates direct engagement with customers, fostering stronger relationships and opening up new avenues for targeted marketing and personalised experiences. As consumers become more aware of data privacy and control, businesses embracing decentralisation will see a competitive advantage.

Adapting to the Oncoming Trends

According to Salustiano, offshore industries such as Diversify are looking into learning AI integration into their online processes.” We’re only just starting 2024 out, but the innovative road ahead is exciting.

Thank you once again to Salustiano for his expert advice on web development trends in 2024! His ultimate advice for all businesses is to “Explore the unthinkable risks” when it comes to emerging technologies, solutions, and practices. It may be overwhelming, but web development innovation means new ways to enhance your customer experience. So, it’s important to stay curious, but stay informed.

If you’re looking to partner up for web development functions, then contact Diversify today. We’ll find the perfect team to help you build the website of your dreams. You could even work alongside Salustiano Gonzales himself.