Four Ways a Web Developer Transforms Your Business

7 Aug 2017

First impressions matter and this is greatly amplified on the Internet. As today’s online platform becomes a larger part of people’s lives daily, how you are perceived has become an important task. As a business, you have to present yourself in a manner that will attract new customers while also keeping old ones. This is why a web developer has a very important function to a business. Potential clients and employees search for a business online and what they see should make a strong impression on them. A site that does not present itself well reflects strongly on a company negatively.

Seasoned web developers make sure that all the cogs of a site are up and running. Not just in terms of site functionality, but its presentation and navigation are their responsibility as well. It can be said, therefore, that they have the capacity to transform a business online.

The Role of a Web Developer

All businesses today need a website. Whether you are a medium, large or listed business, you need to have a site that functional and easy to access. Having a Facebook page is easy but for companies to stand out more, having a website is a must.

Web developers also collaborate with other developers to get the job done.

Talented Web Developers today are familiar with programming languages like PHP. Depending on your needs, they know which is the most suited for your platform and can test them in different environments. Aside from bug fixes, they are also able to provide benchmark tests to measure site performance. They are able to deliver these tasks on a quick and timely basis as well.

What A Good Web Developer Does

Through their work and business knowledge, web developers create websites that attract new and returning customers. Some of the important factors they should consider include:

Fully functional and responsive

A responsive website is the absolute must-have for any company. Your web developer should make certain that the links provided lead somewhere and the content is fully updated. Because more people are now browsing on their phones or tablets, websites should also be optimized for mobile viewing. The importance of mobile optimization is often overlooked by companies, which can lead to a poor browsing experience for customers.

Knows the importance of branding

In today’s business environment, your company website acts as a calling card online. Smart web developers know this and the importance of staying on brand. They keep your company’s logo at the forefront without being intrusive and your color scheme is maintained at all times. Your company’s identity will make an impact on those browsing your site for the first time.

Crucial aspects of design

Seamless navigation is an overlooked aspect of web design. You may have the right links and content that you want, but they should also be easy to find. Experienced web developers know the right way to present your content for customers to have an easy time knowing where to go.

A fully SEO-optimized website

Through SEO optimization, pages rank on search engines based on what people are looking for. This is often the responsibility of digital marketers who work closely with a web developer. Together, they make sure that content is properly found on search engines. Web developers often do not work alone. Finding one who works well with your marketing team will no doubt be a benefit to any business.

Finding the right Web Developer

Recruiting for best web developer for your business can be a challenge. Based on their experience and platform they use, some may not meet the standards that your require. Through an offshoring provider, you will be able to find one that perfectly fits what your business needs.

Locally, you may be able to find a web developer you need. However, costs may be a factor and you may need to instead settle for one who may not bring the value needed for your business online. The cost to hire a web developer offshore is not only a cost effective solution, but you will be given the same quality of work as you would get locally. Additionally, you will be able to also invest in full marketing teams offshore, including a web developer, who will bring more success to your business.

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