Why A Virtual Assistant Is More Than Just A Secretary

Developments in communication technology have given rise to new roles that were previously unheard of. Ten years ago, the idea of having a virtual assistant or an entire remote workforce would be considered absurd. As businesses (and the world in general) became more interconnected, collaborating with different people got much easier.

Having less geographical barriers has opened plenty of opportunities for businesses all over the world. Medium, large and listed companies are seeing the real value an offshore team provides. Key decision makers in particular are able to have a more hands-on approach with their company as a result of employing an offshore team consisting of different roles.

A virtual assistant role in particular is becoming appealing to more companies. Their close collaboration with key personnel has shown how important their role is despite not being present locally. On paper, they appear to be proficient at secretarial roles but their involvement goes much deeper than that.

What Does A Virtual Assitant Do?

Let’s start with the basics. Having a virtual assistant is like having an extra set of eyes and input for all your projects. They collaborate with executives on a schedule that you set for them. At their most basic, they handle clerical and administrative tasks like preparing schedules, responding to emails and making appointments. Executives are allowed more freedom because of virtual assistants.

Being “virtual” means that they do not have a local presence, letting companies save on daily operational expenses. Current cloud-based storage and services also allows for real-time collaboration with them.

Because they work remotely, some virtual assistants consider themselves freelancers. However, by working with the right offshore service provider, you will be able to recruit one full time and office-based.

A Look at Virtual Assistant Skills

A good virtual assistant understands what your business is all about. They know every aspect of it, down to the minute details. For virtual assistants to be good at their job, communication is a must. When your assistants can flourish in their working relationship, so will the business they are part of.

Specialized virtual assistants are committed to full-time, in-office roles.

Earlier it stated that while a virtual assistant handles clerical and administrative tasks like a secretary would, their roles also have plenty of depth. For instance, some particularly talented ones are knowledgeable with basic graphic and web design. This may not seem like much, but your virtual assistant can handle minor requests involving these functions. This prevents you from adding more, mundane tasks to your team’s graphic designer and web developer.

By also working with a full-time assistant, you can find one that specializes in your industry. Aside from the standard roles they bring, you can find assistants that are knowledgeable in your field. They may be able to provide industry-specific assistance as you collaborate with them on major projects.

A Virtual Assistant as an Important Member of Your Business

The virtual assistant has redefined what secretarial roles once were. Having them on your team will allow your company to adapt to the current business landscape that is steering away from the limitations of traditional roles.

As a whole, virtual assistants provide strong back office support at the fraction of the cost. By working closely with key decision makers, they are able to perform non-core functions that feel time consuming. With more focus on essential tasks, your business will no doubt see increased growth. You can find the right assistant with the experience and expertise that you need for all your remote support needs.

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