Top Roles to Offshore In 2021

18 Nov 2020

With 2020 coming to a close, many businesses are looking into what roles they can offshore. In particular, they put more focus on different strategies to further grow their business amidst the impact of COVID-19. While there is still uncertainty towards the immediate future, there are certainly lessons to take from the last eight months. One particular lesson is seeing how effective a remote workforce is and what can be achieved with them. On a bigger scale, this is what offshoring can bring. Even prior to the global pandemic, many businesses saw what an effective workforce strategy it was.

As a whole, offshoring continues to be the most cost-effective approach for many businesses. We’re seeing many companies around the world implementing an offshoring strategy with exceptional results through proper implementation. A good reason for this is the roles that these companies choose to offshore. No longer restricted to administrative roles, companies can now offshore a wider range of functions. By working with a provider in the Philippines, the quality of work is not reduced while companies incur major cost savings. 

Let’s take a look at some key roles a company can offshore, and how it compares to hiring locally.

Strengthen Your Online Presence

People’s first impression of a company today lies in their online presence. That is why many of them rely on having a fully functional, user-friendly website as the first point of contact. To that end, any issue with a company’s website – big or small – can create negative perceptions, even if they are unwarranted. With the expertise of an experienced web developer, businesses can manage and develop their online presence. Of course, having an experienced web developer who checks all the boxes needed is in high demand. In Australia alone, experienced web developers often require a salary of about $73,000 per year. However, when you work with an offshored web developer from the Philippines, you get the same level of work, commitment and productivity for about two thirds the cost at roughly $14,000 annually.

Reach The Widest Market Possible

Digital Marketing Specialists are a vital part of any business today. As technologies evolve and the markets continue to shift, building brand awareness to reach potential clients becomes a must. A great digital marketer has a finger on the pulse as they guide companies in adapting new business trends. In Australia, hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist could cost about $75,000 per year, and that is excluding the fixed costs associated. Compare that to an offshored Digital Marketing Specialist in the Philippines, who has an annual salary of around $13,000 for the same quality output.

Offer A Unique Customer Experience

More companies today understand the true value of a great Customer Service Representative. As the front line of your company, they offer potential clients an experience that is unique to your company. In doing so, they are responsible for how people perceive a business and can shape your company’s image. An experienced customer service representative builds good after-sales experiences that will eventually lead to brand loyalty. A Customer Service Representative of this level in Australia would mean a salary of about $53,000 a year. Companies that looked for the same, experienced role in the Philippines saw they could get an accomplished customer service representative for about $10,000 per year.

Continuously Grow Your Business

An accomplished accountant provides significant financial expertise that will help your business grow. They are tasked in keeping all finances in check, making it a necessary role that businesses should have. In Australia, a senior level accountant often commands a salary of around an estimated $67,000 per year. Compare this to a rough annual salary of $10,000 for an offshore Accountant in the Philippines.

More Than A Cost-Effective Strategy

Companies that found success with offshoring will often cite the cost-effective measures it takes as one of their primary reasons. However, there are also other important reasons to consider an offshoring strategy. For instance, the talent pool of the Philippines is one that we believe all companies can and should harness. The level of specialized skills that many Filipino workers bring is irreplaceable. As a long time offshoring provider, Diversify sees first-hand how our clients develop strong working relationships with their Filipinos colleagues. Regardless of the roles they offshore, they see what makes the Philippine workforce a vital part to their business.

In short, Companies that commit to offshoring do not do it just because it is a less costly approach. They see the real value and potential in the people they choose to be an extension of their local team.

Is Offshoring Right For Your Business?

Many businesses might still be undecided when it comes to offshoring in the Philippines. They have to consider the advantages that come with offshoring and if it aligns with their company objectives. They also have to partner with the right provider who can provide the benefits they look for. We believe that, when looking for the right offshoring provider, companies should choose one that will not only partner with you but will also help collaborate with solutions that will help you reach your established goals.