The 2019 Diversify Summer Outing

28 May 2019

The Diversify Summer Outing is one of the company’s biggest events of the year. For one weekend, the company travels outside of Metro Manila for a full day of rest and relaxation while also bonding with all their teammates. The day is always about bringing people together. This year the core value was no different, but how we executed it was!

The summer outing is always a wonderful time to bond with others.

At previous Diversify company outings, we were all systems go with full programs planned! were There were relay races and obstacle course and loads of friendly competition. For this year’s outing, however, Diversify decided to do things a little different. This year was about relaxation, quality time together in a relaxed environment and unwinding at a beautiful location.

Time To Unwind

A quick look at all our recent summer outings showed that they were always energetic, high energy and in remote places outside Metro Manila. Whether it was in Subic or in the beaches of Batangas, the early call times and long road trips often helped build the excitement for the day’s events. Last year, Diversify created its own version of The Amazing Race that took them exploring around the Whiterock Resort in Subic. The year prior, we had our equivalent to the CrossFit games that everyone was invited to join. They were fast paced, tiring and also very rewarding for everyone who took part in them.

Which is why it was so surprising that none of that was present at our most recent summer outing last May 25th.

This year, Diversify traveled to Momarco Beach Resort in Tanay, Rizal, a good two hours away from Manila. Compared to previous outings, the travel time was much shorter, which also meant a later departure call time (much to the relief of the team members!).

You can’t have an outing with a jump-shot with friends!

What truly separated this year’s outing from the previous ones was that there was less to do competitively and much more focus on a casual, laid back day. The theme of the entire outing was to Unwind, which meant that this trip was for everyone to relax as much as possible. That meant no competition, no CrossFit Games and no one needing to rehearse for any presentation. Instead, everyone was free to explore Momarco’s great facilities and take advantage of them. Want to take a dip in the pool? You certainly could. Fancy a game of billiards or basket? That was on the table too. Think you could beat friends in a game of Snakes and Ladders? You were most welcome to try! The ultimate goal was to have a day of full relaxation and, after a few opening remarks and company photo, everyone was free to do what they want they wanted around the resort.

Getting Creative and Having Fun

With the lack of any competition this year, it certainly raised the question if it was possible to have a memorable outing with no events involved. Would team members still have time to bond if they weren’t working towards a competitive goal or trying to win something for their respective site? The answer was a resounding yes!

Even if there were no games or activities planned, Diversify found creative ways to engage in some friendly competition. Around Momarco, there were different facilities – like a swimming area and basketball court – for them to enjoy. Giant sized board games were also introduced for anyone looking to play childhood favorites like Jenga or Snakes and Ladders but with a fun twist. By mid-morning, the resort’s swimming area was filled with Diversify team members. In the afternoon, the basketball court was abuzz with different games being played. A few employees showed off their skills on the pool table with a few rounds of billiards. The giant Jenga set was an unexpected, but welcome highlight as different team members took turns with their friends in trying not to topple over the tower.  A few even got creative with their games, such as using a small pocket of grassy areas in Momarco as a site for some dodgeball games.

Many Diversify employees tried their luck with the giant Jenga tower.

During the day also, some team members also had fun just lounging about. In keeping with theme of unwinding, you could see many from Diversify staff just sitting in their huts or under the lounge area umbrellas by the pool with friends. A few brought playing cards and enjoyed the food and drink provided by the event’s caterers. In these moments, you could see and hear how they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company and the time they had to get closer. Not bad for a day that didn’t have any inter-office games or contests planned.

Setting a New Standard

It’s said every year, but Diversify’s summer outings consistently deliver on a high level. This year’s outing was a special one as it broke with what a traditional Diversify outing was and did something new. But as reactions have shown, it might be how we do all our summer outings moving forward.

The outings as a whole often become a favourite talking point among the staff whenever they look back at all the cool things they’ve done in the year. With the different approach we took, it was wonderful to see so many adapt to the change with plenty of enthusiasm. For the organizers, it was the least that they could do for the team that put in the hard work on a daily basis. Diversify consistently puts a strong focus on its culture and the people that make it up, and we wanted an event that strongly reflected that. It was one for the Diversify history books and many already cannot wait for the next one.

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