The 2019 Diversify Cup

3 Sep 2019

A recurring theme during every Diversify sportsfest is that each year promises to be bigger and more competitive. It’s amazing to the vastly different sportsfest landscape just some three years ago compared to today. Back then, teams were divided into two and team members could pick what sport they wanted to play.  Today, there are bigger, fuller teams with more people who can play and manage during the event. A good problem to have, but a welcome one to be sure!

What did not change however is how Diversify staff, both new and old, approached each sportsfest with all their efforts. As Diversify continued to grow, so did the competition between all our offices around Manila. In some ways, the excitement and unpredictability of Press Play last July showed a brief glimpse of what a competitive event with this many teams meant. All of this culminated last August 31 during The 2019 Diversify Cup.

Watch The Throne

This year’s sportsfest was indeed a much different event compared to previous years. The biggest, immediate difference was where the games were played. For years, British School Manila was our home venue. With the number of teams and athletes we had this year, it was clear we needed a much bigger space, and we found it in the Philippine Navy Gym.

Last year, we introduced the Diversify Cup as the grand prize for being the games’ overall champion. As part of a brand new tradition, the “Diversify Sportsfest” would now be known as the Diversify Cup. With this, the winners of the Cup would have to defend their title each year and prove they were worthy of being called the best. Team RSC was crowned the first champions of the Diversify Cup after hard-fought victories against two other Diversify teams in 2018. This year, a second team from Twenty-Five Seven was ready to make their mark in the Diversify Cup.

Just some of the fast-paced action from the afternoon.

As the Diversify Cup got closer, many exciting questions began to arise. Could Team RSC defend their title and become two-time champions? Can Team Twenty-Four Seven avenge their defeat from last year with stronger showings? Will the new, hungrier teams from Twenty-Five Seven surprise everyone and take the crown for themselves? These were questions just waiting to be answered and many could not wait for the games to get started.

Pure Athletic Showcases

Throughout the day, the Philippine Navy Gym was roaring with sounds of basketballs bouncing, the impact of shuttlecocks and volleyballs being returned. All these while raucous cheers from the spectators showed how strong the support was for every team. Indeed, each team had a strong purpose that day with different reasons to be at their best. Team RSC wanted to show why they were the reigning champions. Team Twenty-Four Seven had something to prove when going against their long-time rivals. As still the “new kids on the block,” the teams from Twenty-Five Seven brought a fire to the Diversify Cup that only they could.

Ready to show them what an A-game looks like.

Right from the get-go, it was clear that all of Diversify’s teams brought their A-game. No team took top honours in two events, taking the competition in all our events up to a whole new level. In volleyball, Team RSC continued their dominance in the event as they went on to take top honours. Team Twenty-Four Seven ruled the roost in badminton and won first place in both women’s and mixed doubles. Team RSC was declared the winner in the men’s doubles. In basketball, both teams from Twenty-Five Seven finished on the podium that day, with the ninth floor team winning first place and the tenth floor team finishing in third. Having these many games with everyone giving 100% made it more difficult to see who would be the winner by the end of the day!

The Keepers of the Cup

After fiercely played games and competitive matches, the defending champions showed why they were a force to be reckoned with. Twenty-Four Seven and Twenty-Five Seven teams kept the pace going but ultimately, Team RSC had a little more in the tank and experience on their side. When the dust settled, Team RSC was once again victorious and successfully defended the Diversify Cup.

Even with the result, there were no hard feelings and everyone agreed they played great. The staff was exhausted by the end of the day, but they also felt a stronger connection with each other. The rivalry between RSC and Twenty-Four Seven continued with this new chapter, while Twenty-Five Seven put everyone on notice for next year with their performances. The Diversify Cup has always been about creating new bonds and strengthening old ones through some friendly competition. With 2020 being a huge year for athletics in general, one can almost guarantee that next year’s games will be fiercer and stronger than ever.

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