Summer In The Philippines

Summer In The Philippines

A common joke in the Philippines is that it only experiences wet and dry seasons. While most countries have four seasons, the Philippines transitions between sunny and rainy seasons each year. As April rolls along, the summer season begins to be felt throughout the country.

Much has been said about what makes the Philippines worth visiting. If you have the means to, summer is a more than perfect time for it. From its popular beaches to scenic views, there’s never a dull moment when visiting the Philippines leisurely.

Beach Trips Galore

When talking about the Philippines, its beaches often spring to mind first. Many Philippine shores and islands have become beach fronts frequently visited during summer. You’ve probably read occasionally that Boracay is named one of most beautiful beaches in the world. Another notable beach destination that people flock to is El Nido in Palawan.

If these major destinations aren’t what you’re after, there are many other smaller beaches in the Philippines to visit. Plenty of locals have their own little beaches that they visit to get away for summer. These beaches aren’t as known and busy as Boracay or Palawan, but that’s precisely why people visit them in the first place. With the weather perfect for outdoor activities, you’ll no doubt find many planned beach trips during summers in the Philippines.

Lush Landscapes in The Philippines

The Philippines also offers more than just white sand beaches. The mountainous regions of the country offer some of the most spectacular views you can find anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can easily drive to some of these locations when coming from Metro Manila.

The Rice Terraces were carved into the mountainside by hand and with little technology used.

The Banaue Rice Terraces are a particular marvel that should not be missed if you are visiting the Philippines. Resembling a flight of stairs, the 2000-year-old rice terraces continue to be used by natives today to grow their crops. Often considered a “new wonder of the world,” it is one tourist destination in the country that is worth seeing in person.

You also can’t talk about the mountain regions without talking about Baguio. Dubbed the “Summer Capital of the Philippines,” Baguio is one of the best destinations to actually get away from the summer heat. It is one of the cooler places in the country and is visited by locals and tourists alike during the summer. It’s home to many conservation parks and hiking spots that have been favourites for many years. Though an average drive to Baguio would take 4-5 hours from Manila, the cool weather amidst the summer heat in the mountains make it worth the trip.

Cool Foods For Summer Weather

If you’re spending summer in the Philippines, there are some local foods you must try. It’s tempting to go and look for ice cream on a hot summer day and there’s plenty of it in the country. But if you can find sorbetes – or street ice cream – you’ll be getting a distinctly Filipino taste. Ice cream flavours like cheese, coconut and jackfruit might seem unusual but these are also engrained in the taste buds of many Filipinos.

Another popular Filipino dessert you can cool off with is Halo-Halo. Literally translated as “mixed together,” it’s a concoction of different fruits and small vegetables mixed in with milk and shaved ice. It’s often colourful in nature and common to see many Filipino kids enjoying it during the summer. Sure, it may sound peculiar when described, but having halo-halo for the first time could be a unique experience in itself!

The Places You Will Go

There’s an adventurous spirit when exploring what The Philippines has to offer. There are many opportunities to visit all year but summer may perhaps be the best time. At its best, you get to see The Philippines the way it was meant to be.

You also get to see first-hand the warmth and hospitality that Filipinos are widely known for. Travel, photos magazines and vlogs don’t always tell the whole story. You have to visit the Philippines yourself to get the full immersive experience.