Spooky Treats at the Diversify Halloween Party

For some people, Halloween is their favourite time of the year. It’s the one day of the year where they get to dress up and play pretend. It’s an opportunity to have fun by being creative with the costumes that they choose for the year. Where else will you someone in a Dracula costume seated next to someone dressed as a giant flower?

This is Halloween

When the Halloween spirit comes to Diversify, you can bet that it won’t be just another normal huddle. Though still considered as a monthly huddle, our first Halloween party of the month also included some very special guests. This year, Diversify invited children of its employees to be part of the Halloween festivities.


With our guests coming by, Diversify made sure that they not only felt welcome and enjoyed being around the office. Teams pulled out all the stops to decorate their workstation and themselves to stick with the chosen theme of the party, anime. The result was office sections dressed up as popular shows like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Gundam. The afternoon also included some games that the children were able to participate in.

Less Trick, More Treats

Not only the workstations, but our employees made sure they were all dressed up for the occasion. Teams were not satisfied with just costumes you could buy off the rack too. In the days leading up to the event, many employees stayed after work just to perfect their costumes and decorations. Whether it was simple T-shirts or a complex costume with moving parts, it could be said that Diversify takes Halloween very seriously.

This level of dedication is often only seen at cosplay conventions.

This certainly made it difficult for our panel of judges to choose the best decorated station. When all was said and done, the teams behind Dragon Ball Z were named best workstation. Few also stood out with the best individual costume, and their efforts were recognized as well. However, if you were there that afternoon, everyone was clearly a winner in their own respect.

Bringing Out The Best

Even if it was just a one day event for a few hours, the amount of work put in by Diversify to make this Halloween huddle special is remarkable. They wanted to make everyone – whether it was fellow employees or their guests – feel right at home in Diversify.

Majin Buu certainly had plenty to smile about.

Halloween may only happen once a year, but Diversify has always made an effort for it to be a memorable moment for anyone’s year. With our second Halloween celebration just around the corner, you can bet there will be more excitement to be had.

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