A Spooktacular Halloween Shindig at Diversify

23 Oct 2017

It should be obvious by now that Diversify and Halloween are a perfect match. When given the opportunity to dress up – whether it’s a workspace or its employees – the company is ready to give more than 100%. We previously saw what Diversify employees can do when given a particular theme to follow for their Halloween parties. But that was only one part of what everyone was really capable of.

Halloween Happiness and Happenings

Following the lead of the Makati office, it was our BGC office’s turn to have their Halloween party. Seeing what their fellow employees could pull off, it was clear that the BGC office was inspired to be just as good as them. There certainly were some similarities that both parties had. For one, there were plenty of young special guests that celebrated Halloween together with us, which made for an even livelier party.

Like their Makati counterparts, the BGC office made sure their guests felt right at home as they ran around and played games with everyone else. Some of our Australian clients also participated in the festivities, dressing up alongside their offshore team. It was a great sight to see everyone getting into the Halloween spirit as only Diversify could.

It was a cartoony, colorful affair at Diversify’s second Halloween party.

The BGC Halloween party also had some differences as well. Instead of three like in the Makati office, there were seven groups that participated in the inter-office workspace competition. The varied choices of anime – from Case Closed to Naruto to Doraemon – made choosing the best team much more challenging for our judges. One group in particular recreated a Japanese festival that included edible treats for guests (and judges) to enjoy.

Steal This Look

BGC’s staff also stepped up their costume game. If you thought choosing the best designed workspace was hard, this was just as challenging (and fun) for our judges. With a total of 12 participants portraying characters across different shows, choosing the best was difficult. This was made harder as Diversify’s creativity highlighted the best of what our employees can do. In the end however, one of our employees’ near accurate portrayal of 2B from Nier: Automata took home top honors.

Trust The Creative Process

There was plenty to take away from both our Halloween parties in the two weeks. Diversify remains committed to creating a fun, flexible office culture that welcomes everyone in it.

Like the Strawhat Pirates themselves, Diversify’s employees are a closely knit crew.

In turn, our employees always step to make huddles, whether major or minor, a highlight of anyone’s year. One could say that the Halloween spirit brings out the creativity in people, but we believe that Diversify’s employees have always been this naturally talented.