The Sounds of the Diversify Music Festival

At Diversify, we’re committed to building a vibrant, engaging and rewarding culture for our team members. To achieve this, we hold regular ‘huddles’ where teams bond in an informal and fun setting that promotes cross-team collaboration.

This month’s huddle, held last week, was themed around a Music Festival. It was an afternoon of music and performances which got the weekend started off on a high note.

These events are important aspects of building culture, and most importantly, ensuring they feel connected with the business.

The organizers of this month’s huddle did a good job capturing the feel of a lively music festival. The office pantry was redecorated thanks to some clever design and use of major props. Mats were also set up on the floor to copy outdoor concerts while the stage itself was at the center of the room.

The afternoon was a mix of songs everyone loved. Performers sang in both English and Filipino, from some old favourites to more modern songs. Employees who also came in their best music festival outfit were recognized by a panel of judges. A special performance from all the participants – along with members from the management team – closed out one of the most enjoyable huddles this year. Whether as a duo, trio or foursome, the performers made sure that everyone’s weekend started off right.

Diversify Doing It Right

With seven groups performing, this month’s huddle went on longer than it usually would. But because of the fun everyone was having, employees didn’t mind staying even after their regular office hours. It was the perfect time for teams to bond and learn more about those they were not familiar with. As expected, the performances of last Friday were still being talked about even as the new week started.

Like in the Makati office from the week before, it was announced to the BGC office what next month’s Halloween themed huddle was going to be about. Similar to the reactions of the Makati office, a few of Diversify’s BGC employees began to plan ahead of the event amidst the wave of excitement and anticipation.

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